Female Program Leader, Outdoor School

Multnomah Education Service Portland, OR
JOB TITLE: Female Program Leader, Outdoor School

Salary is based on a weekly wage.

Interviews will begin the week of 7/23/18 to 7/27/18.

Work season begins 9/10/2018.

REPORTS TO: Site Supervisor

SUPERVISED BY: Site Supervisor and Coordinator


Assists Site Supervisor in the implementation of the Outdoor School Program.


This position is subject to board policies, administrative rules and procedures, department regulations, and applicable state and federal statutes. This position carries no administrative authority or responsibility.


* Trust: Develop trust among co-workers through honesty and fairness.

* Communication: Communicate in an inclusive and collaborative manner.

* Vision: Lead with vision and follow-through.

* Personal Qualities: Be respectful, caring and courageous.

* Leadership Style: Be visible, humble and a team player.

* Role Model: Be a positive role model for colleagues and participants.

* Program-wide perspective: Be involved in, and supportive of, continuous overall improvement of Outdoor School.


* Implements the residential Outdoor School schedule and program.

* Supervises and leads students and student leaders in duties, activities, and field studies. Supervises female living areas, including bed times, shower times and bathroom times.

* Provides training, support, supervision and evaluations for student leaders.

* Collaborates, communicates and participates as a member of the Outdoor School site team utilizing appropriate verbal and nonverbal interactions.

* Fulfills job expectations safely, thoroughly, and in compliance with MESD and program policies and procedures.

* Lives on site during the Outdoor School program season. Participates fully in all aspects of the Outdoor School on-site program, including meals, meetings and events.


* Provides backup support to other Outdoor School staff as needed.

* Assist in site set-up, weekly cleaning, and closing each session.

* Assist in the inventory, care, and maintenance of program supplies and equipment.

* Performs other duties as assigned.


* Ability to physically perform assigned duties.

* Valid First Aid/CPR Card (AED training) and valid Oregon Food Handler Card by the first day of employment.

* Ability to secure transportation to and from the Outdoor School site and equip self with appropriate personal gear to work in the Outdoor School environment.


* Employment is temporary and subject to school participation schedule. This position works in a residential, Outdoor School setting. This position includes being available 24 hours to the attendees and staff members. The employee works a six-day week and is typically on duty from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. The environment is rustic with potentially uneven hilly terrain, wooded trails, variable ambient light and weather conditions. The employee must carry out his or her duties regardless of inclement weather, which can include heat, rain, snow, cold, and windy conditions.

* This employee supervises groups of children in this environment, often kneeling and sitting on the ground to obtain a child-level view. This employee can be expected to carry odd objects, such as buckets of water, science equipment, saws, and teaching materials. The employee must be able to respond quickly to emergency events at any place in the Outdoor School setting and be able to maneuver in outdoors, common areas, rustic buildings, and sites.

* This position is a first responder in a medical emergency. The employee must be able to administer 1st Aid/CPR, requiring the ability to get to ground level or in awkward positions to administer assistance. Outdoor School sites may have crowded walkway or common spaces. Stairs and walkways are exposed to weather and may be slippery.

* Housing and meals are provided. Housing is shared with other employees in assigned, same-gender rustic cabins or bunk rooms. Meals include a vegetarian option that may include eggs and/or dairy. Employees with special dietary needs should plan to bring food to supplement or replace provided meals.


1. High School Diploma or General Education Diploma. Bachelor's Degree preferred.

* Experience working with children and/or adolescents.

* Experience supervising high school age students.

* Experience in a professional field.