Chemical Dependency Counselor Trainee
BayMark Health Services
 Port Angeles, WA
Counselor in Training- Port Angeles, WA

-Provide treatment and casework services to patient as directed by the supervisor in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and with BayMark’s policies and procedures. Provide timely documentation of patient services based on plan of care. Identify other physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs for assigned patients. Manage related expenditures in a fiscally responsible manner in accordance with the company’s budget. Travel as necessary.


  1. Minimum age requirement of 18.
  2. Required/Maintained state trainee status, intern, registration or in training standing.
  3. Have experience working with opiate addicted population.
  4. Must have or obtain current certification in CPR and First Aid
  5. Skilled in conducting assessments, utilization of ASI criteria for appropriate patient placement, treatment plan development and implementation, service coordination, and crisis intervention
  6. Knowledge of local community drug trends, the effects on the body and cognitive functioning of drugs of abuse, signs and symptoms of narcotic overdose, psychosocial implications of addictive disease, the process of addiction and treatment, social service, economic, legal, and medical systems, HIV transmission-health, behavioral, and emotional implications of addiction
  7. Knowledge of applicable State Code of Regulations and 42 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Section 8.12.
  8. Compliance with accepted professional standards and practices.
  9. Satisfactory references from employers and/or professional peers.
  10. Ability to work in an interdisciplinary setting.
  11. Satisfactory criminal background check.
  12. Demonstrate excellent observation, good judgment and communication skills. Ability to provide good written documentation in a timely manner.


Prepare and maintain accurate and timely patient files.
  1. Coordinate care of assigned patients and present patient status and concerns with treatment team accordingly.
  2. Conducts comprehensive patient assessments and the development and implementation of patient treatment plans according to State OTP regulations.
  3. Provide clinical services and patient care and education and opiate addiction counseling services to patients receiving methadone maintenance and detoxification treatment.
  4. Conduct individual counseling sessions.
  5. Provide patient advocacy and liaison services with community and regulatory agencies as needed. (CSAT, State Methadone Authority, Probation / Parole Office, courtesy dosing, housing, food, etc.)
  6. Monitor condition of patient to evaluate success of therapy, and adapt treatment as needed.
  7. Assist in program evaluation efforts that describe and assess quality of services
  8. Comply with any and all Federal and State regulatory standards as specified.
  9. File body specimen test results (UA’s) in patient file and uses test results to monitor success of treatment and as a tool for assessing eligibility of patient for take-home medications.
  10. File various types of patient paperwork into chart.
  11. Coordinates with medical professionals to facilitate annual justifications, approval for Step Levels/ Exceptions and dose adjustments for patient.
  12. Submits timely requests for take homes as deemed appropriate.
  13. Document patient progress notes and ensure that frequencies and counseling units are met.
  14. Applicable supervision by licensed professionals within location worked.
  15. Conduct patient intake and orients patient to program.
  16. Compose interpretative summary, transition plan and discharge summary for each patient.
  17. Provide crisis intervention, as needed.
  18. Attend staff meetings.
  19. Assist in program development activities.
  20. Participate in counseling supervision sessions.
  21. Support organizational and departmental philosophies, goals, and objectives and through own behavior lead and motivate others to do so.
  22. Communicate with counselor regarding pertinent patient information.
  23. Adherence to a code of conduct conducive with BayMark Services policy is expected.
  24. Meet or exceed delivery of Company Service Standards in a consistent fashion.
  25. Interact with all staff in a positive and motivational fashion supporting the Company’s mission.