Echo Tech II
OSF Healthcare
 Pontiac, IL


Under general supervision and according to established policies and procedures, operates echocardiographic/doppler equipment to provide data for diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. In doing so, arranges equipment, gathers pertinent data, explains test procedures to patient and/or families, operates equipment, and prepares exams for review and interpretation by physicians. Performs clerical duties related to disposition of interpreted tests, maintains files, schedules procedures, and enters charges for tests performed. Maintains continuing education as required by the employee's professional license. Is willing to perform secondary responsibilities to support the Cardiology department including EKG, stress testing and patient monitors. Within the scope of the employee's professional certification, the employee provides assistance in educational sessions for the cardiology department annually.



  • Ability to obtain and record pertinent information in patient's chart, perform simple arithmetic calculations, and has basic knowledge of medical terminology and physical sciences as normally acquired through completion of high school and advanced training in health science.