Store Director, Plano
Albertsons Companies
 Plano, TX


TITLE: Store Director

BASIC PURPOSE AND FUNCTION: Responsible for total store operations. Plans, organizes, directs and controls all store activities to ensure store goals and objectives are reached and consistent with established Company policy and financial objectives.


Encourages and maintains an atmosphere of enthusiastic customer awareness with an emphasis on fast, friendly, courteous customer service. Handles customer relations. Promotes Albertson's philosophy of personalized service in each department. Engages in suggestive selling and other sales techniques.

Administers Company and Division merchandising, operating and advertising policies/procedures. Communicates Company goals, objectives, policies and procedures to department managers and employees. Provides guidance and instruction to department managers and supervisors. Meets frequently with department heads to review ads, sales plans, store conditions, store promotions, store safety, and to assess employees. Responsible for proper application of established employee relations policies, salary administration policies, employee benefits policies, safety and health standards, grooming standards, and union agreements where applicable. Ensures compliance with OSHA standards.

Directs, motivates, trains and participates in the hiring of all store personnel. Monitors employee performance and recommends personnel action such as hiring, firing, layoff and disciplinary action. Conducts formal employee evaluations as required. Identifies training and development needs of key employees for future management positions. Implements Company and Division training programs. Ensures that individual departments effectively schedule work hours and control overtime expenditures. Builds and maintains employee morale.

Oversees and ensures compliance with proper cash handling procedures, proper accounting of sales, and proper safe transaction procedures. Verifies cash, performs banking duties and sets up cash register tills. Develops operating budgets and controls all in-store operating, maintenance and supply costs. Follows proper administrative procedures and completes all required reports. Responsible for inventory of all merchandise, supplies and equipment. Recommends expenditure for improvement or repair of store equipment and building. Participates in Corporate audits. Implements emergency procedures in the event of equipment and computer software malfunctions.

Provides leadership to create and maintain positive public relations and involvement with the community. Develops, promotes and maintains positive communication channels with manufacturer's representatives, Store, Division and Corporate personnel, and unions where applicable. Responsible for staying abreast of market conditions, trends and competitors activities.

Responsible and accountable for maintaining high appearance, product quality, sanitation, and safety standards in all departments. May assist in the performance of all duties in all departments as necessary.

Responsible for performing all job duties with honesty and integrity.

Other necessary and required job duties and responsibilities.


Requires an extensive retail background with management experience related to retail operations. Requires a thorough understanding of overall Company practices, policies and procedures.

Requires strong written and oral communication skills, good leadership and interpersonal skills, the proven ability to manage people, and the ability to maintain composure in dealing with customers and co-workers. Ability to be consistently fair and emotionally stable. Ability to interact effectively with all levels of personnel from all types of backgrounds. Ability to create and maintain a positive image in the community.

Requires knowledge of interviewing techniques, and the ability to handle administrative details such as short and long range planning, developing budgets, meeting operating objectives, scheduling, supervising, and making hiring and disciplinary action decisions. Requires the ability to identify needs, problems, and opportunities and to make operational decisions in order to maximize sales and gross margins. Requires an in-depth knowledge of every position under the Store Director's control. Requires previous experience in other retail positions. Requires knowledge of basic math, weights and measures and basic accounting. Requires an extensive working knowledge of profit and loss statements. Requires the knowledge and ability to implement emergency procedures in the event of equipment and computer software malfunctions.

Ability to stand and walk for long periods of time. Ability to reach, lift, stack and maneuver objects of varying dimensions and weights up to approximately 55 lbs. Ability to push and pull fully loaded hand trucks and pallet jacks. Manual dexterity and good eye-hand coordination are necessary. Requires the physical ability to be able to cover for various positions throughout the store as required.

Must be able to operate checkstand equipment and have a thorough knowledge of checkstand and scanning procedures. Exposure to potential hazards exists with respect to equipment and work aides necessary to perform store wide job duties. May occasionally be exposed to temperatures of approximately -20 Fahrenheit, 28 Fahrenheit, and 35 Fahrenheit, while handling products in freezers, coolers and display cases. Temperatures of approximately 150 Fahrenheit while handling products in hot cases. Working conditions consist of a temperature controlled store environment. Occasional exposure to outdoor environment when checking store perimeters and conducting business off the premises.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature of work performed by employees assigned to this job. All employees must comply with Company, Division, and Store policies and applicable laws. The responsibilities, duties and skills required of personnel so classified may vary within each store and from store to store.