Scrum/Agile Coach [617952]

Matchpoint Solutions Plano, TX
  • Client is seeking a great Agile Coach to support its manufacturing teams in Plano, TX through its Agile Transformation Journey.
  • You have recent experience as an Agile Coach.
  • You understand that there is no such thing as an Agile transformation and that Scrum and similar frameworks are not a panacea, they are a toolkit that may help an organization to become Agile. You realize that to become agile an organization needs to transform itself, and that change means real change. You see agility as an outcome, and not a process or tool.
  • You are an expert in various frameworks and can articulate their usage with deep expertise, but you also see them for what they are, tools and techniques to enable you to foster capability in an organization. You are a system thinking and design thinking expert and can also articulate complexity theory.
  • You know one size does not fit all, and that human factors over frameworks and tools is the key to success.
  • You recognize that people are the key to change, not just process, and that building great teams and coaching complex human interactions is how you will achieve organizational change.
  • A coach is someone who guides the organization at the executive level while also delivering the tactical capabilities at the team level. A coach is someone who truly understands Customer 1st as the founding principle of Lean, and they focus on enabling change through mentorship and leadership.
  • You have demonstrable skill and success in enabling organizational change, increasing collaboration, innovation, and introducing techniques that promote adaptability and flexibility in the face of unpredictable circumstances, and you can talk extensively about patterns you have discovered on various transformational journeys.

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