Quantitative Analytics & Model Development Analyst Sr

Job Profile

* Independently performs advanced quantitative analyses and model development to drive decision-making by running quantitative strategies. Makes recommendations based on analyses.

* Analyzes and develops new model frameworks by supporting the line of business. Refines, monitors, and reviews existing models. Conducts on-going communication with model owners and model developers during the course of the review. Works with larger, more complex datasets to create models.

* Performs quantitative analysis and develops complex reports. Performs qualitative and quantitative assessments of all aspects of models including theoretical aspects, model design and implementation as well as data quality and integrity. Analyzes complex data and associated quantitative analysis. Makes recommendations based on findings from data analytics.

* Uses quantitative tools and techniques to measure and analyze model risks and reaches conclusions on strengths and limitations of the model.

* Prepares and analyzes detailed documents for validation and regulatory compliance, using applicable templates.

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