Airport Care Attendant/ Wheelchair Escort PT $15.00 per hour guarantee in 1st two weeks. $9.50 per hour plus tips after.

Command Security Corp Pittsburgh, PA

$15.00 per hour guarantee in 1st two weeks. $9.50 per hour plus tips after.


Job Title: Wheelchair Escort

Supervision Required: Direct

Reports To: Duty Manager

Payroll Status: Hourly/Non-Exempt

Educational Requirements: Minimum standard establish at hire

Summary of Duties:

Provides physical assistance to passengers requiring aid getting in and out wheelchair. Required to safely transport passengers to their destination making sure passenger is as comfortable as possible. Provides needed assistance with passenger baggage. Examines wheelchairs daily for needed repairs and maintenance.

Essential Functions:

Examines wheelchairs daily for any required repairs, needed maintenance and level of cleanliness.Checks brakesChecks footrestsInspects seat and backInspects wheelsChecks handgripsEvaluates overall cleanliness of wheelchairReports any required maintenance or needed repairs to Manager. Cleans wheelchair between uses.Responds to Dispatch request for passenger or airline assistance.Provides physical assistance to seat and transport passengers to their destinations.Informs passenger of transport procedure. Demonstrate a professional attitude and respect toward the passenger.May escort passenger in wheelchair through security checkpoints.Follows all safety rules. Observes and reports any unsafe or hazardous conditions immediately to their manager or proper authority.Remains with passenger until released to the airlines or departs terminal.Notifies dispatch upon completion of each assignment.May be requested to perform other duties as assigned based on Manager's needs or airline activity.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

Uses proper body mechanics while performing duties.Able to stand and walk for long periods of time.Demonstrates ability to work with others and interact appropriately.Able to think clearly during crisis or high-stress periods.Possess empathetic abilities in dealing with passengers and their needs.Maintains communication with other agents and managers. Relates information regarding events or situations that may effect operations.

Working Conditions:

May be expose to high levels of noise in the terminals.Physical demands placed on employee when dealing with passengers of varying weights and temperaments.Must be flexible to work scheduled and/or non-scheduled hours as required.Must be able to control wheelchair with passenger and maneuver through crowded or tight spaces.


Maneuver wheelchairs through airport areas.

Assist guests to and from seats and transportation of luggage.

Other duties as assigned.


Excellent Customer Service Skills

High School Diploma or GED (Preferred)