Summer Camp - Group Leaders - Mobile Camp

Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches
 Pierson, FL

Get a jump start on a summer job!

The Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches is a non-profit organization that provides summer camp opportunities to Florida’s Youth. We operate three traditional sleep away camps along with a traveling day camp program. Group Leaders for Mobile Camp will travel each week to different cities in Florida.

Currently we are hiring for our Group Leader positions. Come work a few hours a month (PRN) now until the start of our summer season in May when you will transition to full time for the summer.

Job Type: PRN now & then Full-Time in May

Pay: $300.00 per week (includes room & board from May to Aug)


The position of Group Leader is the most vital aspect of the Summer Camping Program because it has constant interaction with the campers. This position involves the continuous leadership, guidance and supervision of campers. This position will participate in the planned camp program and serve as the major initiator of group activities. The Group Leader is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the campsite and unit area. The Group Leader is directly supervised by the Senior Group Leader and/or Mobile Camp Site Director. This position is exempt from overtime pay.


The following duties and responsibilities are given as examples of the various types of work performed in this position. Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned.

  1. Demonstrates alertness and discretion while supervising campers in order to maintain a safe camping experience for all participants.
  2. Displays compassion, patience, tolerance and gentleness when working with campers to create a caring and understanding environment.
  3. Uses creativity, enthusiasm and initiative when leading assigned group to camp activities in order to engage youth and ensure their participation in a fun and exciting camp atmosphere.
  4. Exercises discretion and self control while maintaining the character trait of virtue in order to be an appropriate role model for youth at all times.
  5. Uses hospitality and attentiveness to make all donors, deputies and guests feel included and comfortable at all camping programs.
  6. Exercises flexibility and availability when faced with change and displays a willingness to assist in any Camping Services program when requested.
  7. Demonstrates resourcefulness and thriftiness in the wise stewardship of the agency’s resources including all equipment, buildings, vehicles and other assets are maintained at Youth Ranches’ standards.
  8. Practices diligence and orderliness when completing required paperwork such as mileage logs, travel expense vouchers, incident reports and time sheets.
  9. Displays honor, obedience and flexibility when direction is given or a request is made thus contributing to the smooth operation and success to the Youth Ranches program.


  • All staff are provided room and board from May to August
  • Regular time off is given between sessions. Depending on the camp location you choose Daytona Beach, Gainesville, and Jacksonville are only an hour away!
  • Staff are given multiple hour long wellness breaks each day.
  • All staff have access to the FSYR Employee Assistance Program during the summer as a free benefit for mental health support.
  • During a paid week of pre-service training all staff will receive transferable certifications in Adult First Aid/ CPR/AED ($30 value) along with training on topics such as; trauma informed care, non-violent crisis intervention, and the basics of childcare.
  • Specialty certifications are offered in early May. Lifeguarding ($350 value) High Ropes Practitioner ($900 value) Archery Instructor ($50 value).
  • Recruitment and retention bonuses are provided at the end of each summer season.
  • Staff develop professional skills such as time management, conflict resolution, communication, group leadership, and more!