Swift Transportation Company
 Phoenix, AZ

Primary Purpose and Essential Functions: Identifies and implements opportunities to enhance the service levels of Swift's high profiles / JIT customers by performing planning ,customers service and JIT freight recovery during extended coverage hours.

  1. Manage multiple (one or more) JIT/high exposure accounts and have the skill set necessary to meet customer expectations.
  2. Using all available system tools, analyze and identify potential late and at risk deliverys and facilitate creative resolutions for problems discovered on all load issues in order to meet or exceed customer's expectations. Document and report challenges that occurred during your shift as directed.
  3. Be aware of the system wide balance/imbalance within the Swift network to book freight accordingly.
  4. Commit to and receive detailed customer load information by telephone fax or electronic tendering, and input information into the system accurately to ensure system integrity.
  5. Maintain trailer pool knowledge and adjustment when needed of customer contractual requirements relative to trailer pools etc.
  6. Responsible for monitoring and tracking loads so that timely notification can be made to internal/external customers regarding late pickups and or deliveries; as well as any other changes that may occur.
  7. Effectively communicate via Qualcomm messages and in person internal issues concerning high profile accounts to ensure high service levels.
  8. Effectively communicate with customers via Telephone and Email concerning all customer service issues.
  9. Plan/Assign and coordinate with all other Swift terminals and available internal departments as needed to resolve issues to meet timely pick up and deliveries.
  10. Fuel and route drivers in accordance with Swift fueling policies to meet customers delivery expectations.
  11. Perform necessary ECT Planning, Customer Service, and Driver Manager Duties.
  12. Use exemplary telephone skills to present a quality oriented image where the customer is treated in a consistent, courteous and efficient manner, so that the impression is one of excellence.
  1. Skills: Ability to manage others, knowledge of the transportation industry preferred, ability to communicate well with others, ability to transfer knowledge, ability to work in a fast paced environment, detail oriented, above average writing skills and organizational skills, professional appearance and ability to take direction from managers.
  2. Education: High School Diploma or GED
  3. Experience Required: Previous driving experience; six months of management experience; 3-5 years operational or customer experience required. Above average keyboard skills and thorough working knowledge of the AS400 system and personal computers. Above average written and verbal communications skills. Strong attention to detail and excellent organizational and time management skills. Excellent team-building and training skills.