Sterling Construction
 Phoenix, AZ


Role and Responsibilities

As a member of the leadership team. this position will be responsible for managing the accuracy and integrity of all financial information, WIP preparation, updating and reporting on all job cost projections, and ensuring that economic rigor is applied to the financial decision-making for Sterling's Arizona operating unit, J. Banicki Construction, Inc.


Essential Functions

  • Prepare monthly financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, WIP and other schedules)
  • Work closely with senior management and project managers on Job Cost Projections
  • Drill down into functional areas to provide value add analysis in order to drive profitability
  • Work closely with operations to establish annual budgets (office, field, and equipment)
  • Foster business relationships with Senior Management, Project Managers and Corporate Finance.
  • Train project teams in process controls and the proper use of Viewpoint to assist in their evaluation of projects.
  • Manage general accounting including the evaluation of revenues recognized in accordance with the percentage of completion method of accounting.
  • Develop and maintain policies and procedures relating to financial and business practices of the company which will provide for efficient operations as well as a strong internal control environment.
  • Coordinate the review and evaluation of internal controls required under SOX with internal audit.
  • Coordinate the preparation and distribution of materials for board meetings, as requested.
  • Perform such other duties and/or responsibilities, or projects as assigned.

Entry Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • Accounting and Finance – Strong Viewpoint skills, understanding of financial reports, budget creation.
  • Operations – General knowledge and understanding of our operations to assist with analysis.
  • Four-year business/ accounting degree, with advanced degree or CPA preferred. Extensive experience and knowledge of all aspects of accounting and financial management required.
  • Possess advanced Word and Excel skills.
  • Proficient communication, interpersonal and organizational skills are vital.

Supervisory responsibilities

Supervision and management of accounting/finance staff, including: establishing and communicating performance expectations, providing positive and constructive feedback, determining training and development needs, and conducting on-the-job training. May make hiring, discipline and/or termination decisions.


Core Competencies

  • Financial acumen. Ability to understand the key leverage points in the P&L, as well as the critical aspects of ensuring short-term cash flow and long-term profitability.
  • Business acumen. Knowledge about trends, practices, and polices affecting the business and industry. Firm understanding of competitors and a good grasp of effective strategies and tactics that work in the market. Ability to sift through vast amounts of information, solicit opportunties and possibilities.
  • Communication. Presents and expresses ideas and information effectively and concisely in an oral and/or written mode; listens to and comprehends what others are saying; shares information with others and facilitates the open, honest and straightforward exchange of ideas and information.
  • Strategic thinking. Abillity to understand position of the organization (current state); create and communicate a workable plan based on key strategies on where to take the organization, and how to get there (future state).
  • Effective team building. Ability to manage the business in such a way that departments and individuals work together to fullfill the vision.