Customer Equipment Service Technician

Crown Holdings Philadelphia, PA
This position will provide technical support for the customers of our North American Food Division. They will ensure our customer's equipment and can filling processes are running effectively and help them to troubleshoot any issues that may develop when they are using our steel and aluminum cans to fill their products. The key responsibilities for this role are as follows:

* Ensure that customers are able to satisfactorily close food cans and ends by setting customer seaming (closing) equipment to achieve sound double seams.Diagnose and correct seam defects and seaming machine problems on increasingly sophisticated equipment.

* Respond to customer requests for both general and emergency break down assistance in order to restore customers output to planned levels.

* Arrange pro-active visits to customers to analyze customer seam results or carry out independent checks and provide advice as necessary. Commission new equipment and carry out repairs, inspections and subsequent on-site overhauls of closing equipment.

* Maintain good internal/external communications and keep manager updated on field developments and competitor activity.Identify opportunities to provide training for customer's personnel where new equipment or technology is being installed or where several improvements are needed.

* Submit customer service reports and time sheets in a timely manner; record all activities for the above accountabilities.

Typical tasks performed by CES at customers:

* Double seam tear down / evaluation

* Double seam tear down documentation

* Seamer set up

* Seamer adjustments

* Seamer troubleshooting

* Seamer audits

* Seamer repairs

* Seamer rebuilds

* Seamer installation (mechanical – no electrical)

* Seamer removal

* Assist with product trials / testing

* Assist with product quality problems

* Assist with Double Seam training

* Gather and report information on tooling - equipment – product – processes etc.

* Install tooling – equipment

Job Requirements

Job Requirements:

* 5-10 years of experience in manufacturing or other machine maintenance

* Experience with can closing equipment preferred but not required

* Effective interpersonal skills and the ability to interact with employees at all levels

* Proven computer skills with a complete understanding of Word , Excel and Outlook

* Strong mechanical aptitude with technical training in equipment and machinery repair and maintenance

* Effective communication skills, both verbal and written

* Ability to travel up to 70-80%, both driving and flying

* Effective time management skills and the ability to balance multiple projects at one time

* Proven problem solving skills


70 - 80%