Behavioral Consultant /Clinical Lead
 Philadelphia, PA

Requisition Number: BEHAV03590

The Behavior Consultant is the link between The Center for Autism and the community and is responsible for individual and family therapy. The Behavior Consultant makes clinical decisions and directs interventions. This position reports to the CORE Clinical Director.


  • The Behavior Consultant assesses and analyzes behavioral data, develops client specific treatment plans and consults with the treatment team concerning the implementation of the treatment plan.
  • Supervise Mobile Therapist in program rooms, as assigned
  • He/she shares time between center-based programming and providing in-home and community services to an identified caseload of children and families to ensure that interventions are consistent and skills are generalized across settings.
  • In home and community, services may include individual and family therapy (at minimum 4 times per month with at least one session being a family session), psychoeducation, and referrals to appropriate resources.
  • He/she will strive toward the client’s achievement of the goals specified in the treatment plan and will record data regarding the behavior and progress of the client, the involvement of the client's caretakers, and report unusual incidents as required by relevant laws, policies and procedures.
  • Establish an effective working relationship with each family recognizing that all parties have something valuable to contribute to the problem-solving process.
  • Assess the strengths and therapeutic needs of the child in the context of his/her family
  • Facilitate partnership with parents and/or other caregivers as members of the treatment team.
  • Provide, in home or community setting, child-center, family-focused supportive services, family therapy, education, advocacy as is agreed upon by the therapist and family aimed at helping each family come to terms with their child's diagnosis and implement treatment goals that are relevant to the home and/or community settings.
  • Determine with the family and other professionals the clinical need for special evaluation and services that are beyond the scope of the Center's services. Such services might include referring a child/or family member for psychotherapy, case management or social services and other community resources.
  • Collaborate with the family and other involved professionals to develop and implement intervention plans/ treatment goals for the provision of unified services and continuity of care between the center-based program and home to the child and family
  • Participate in planning for transition to school for Clients approaching kindergarten age, including educating parents about the transition process, supporting them to be advocates for their child and attending the IEP meeting to support parents.
  • Observe and interact with each child on assigned caseload and collaborate with the child's treatment team to keep abreast of progress in Center based program and to obtain information that will assist in developing effective intervention strategies for the home/community environment.
  • Review treatment plans with parents and obtain parental input about the treatment plan.
  • Share progress at home with treatment plan team.
  • Facilitate Treatment Plan Review meetings, as scheduled.
  • Develop, implement and participate in all educational and therapeutic activities aimed at educating family members and including all family members in the treatment process.
  • Attend trainings, as scheduled and read assigned materials
  • Attend clinic meeting.
  • Participate in weekly Behavior Consultant Meetings
  • Lead treatment team meetings for assigned clients/caseload
  • Attend staff meetings, as scheduled
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor


  • Employee must have the physical ability to lift Clients and supplies.
  • Employee must have the physical ability to play on the floor and run with/after Clients.


  • Minimum of one year, full time equivalent, post-master’s degree experience in programs for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder less than 21 years of age.
  • Previous supervisory experience.

Education Requirement:


  • Licensed in the Commonwealth of PA as a psychologist, professional counselor, marriage and family therapist, clinical social worker, social worker, behavior specialist, certified registered nurse practitioner or a professional with a scope of practice that includes overseeing the provision of ABA services.


  • Be licensed in The Commonwealth of PA as a behavior specialist.
  • Clearances: Pennsylvania State Criminal History Report, Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance and FBI Criminal History Report.