Alloy Pourer
 Pevely, MO

Perform all functions associated with the pouring operation.


Job Requirements:

Level I Math; Level I Reading (SOPs, Daily Furnace Schedule, Daily Molding Schedule, Work Instructions).

Job Responsibilities:

  • Pour molds and perform all responsibilities associated with this function per Melt SOP 0100.
  • Prepare and inspect pouring areas and molds for pouring.
  • Conduct ladle treatments as required by SOP or Work Instructions.
  • Insure that the ladles needed for pouring receive the required preheat as defined in Melt SOP 0100.
  • Assist in the clean up of furnace platforms and the removal of scrap and slag build-up under and around furnaces.
  • Perform housekeeping functions as needed to keep pouring areas in a neat and safe condition.
  • Maintain pouring equipment.
  • Shakeout functions: hauling sand and pulling castings from the Tru Flow Line.

Equal Opportunity Employer of Minorities, Females,

Protected Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities

Drug Free Workplace