Registered Nurse
UnityPoint Health
 Peoria, IL


The acute inpatient unit of Child and Adolescent. Behavioral Health offers services that include familytherapy, group therapy, healthy coping skills andmuch more. This 23-bed unit serves children aged4-17, and offers treatment for many behavioral health issues.

As a member of the interdisciplinary team, contributes professional nursing knowledge and skills in the provision and management of care to patients through the application of the nursing process.



CLINICAL EXCELLENCE FOCUS: Promotes the use of evidence based practice through the nursing process, protocols and procedures.

  • Assesses patient's status through interview, observation and physical assessment of actual problems and outcomes
  • Develops an individualized plan of care using a collaborative approach with the patient/family and health care team.
  • Uses appropriate interventions identified in the plan of care to achieve expected patient outcomes
  • Systematically evaluates and documents patient's progress toward expected outcomes/goals on an ongoing basis throughout the shift
  • Modifies plan of care based on evaluation
  • Completes required documentation as appropriate, including patient chart and event reports
  • Demonstrates professional accountability for own practice as evidenced through seeking resources and continuing self-development
  • Demonstrates technical knowledge of equipment and troubleshoots when problems arise
  • Acquires and maintains current knowledge and skills in evidence based nursing practice
  • Promotes the professional development of self and team members
  • Shares clinical knowledge through informal teaching and in response to the learning needs of others
  • Demonstrates a practical problem solving approach to patient moving and handling issues (as applicable)
  • Demonstrates skills to promote patient and staff safety through appropriate use of lift equipment (as applicable)
  • Possesses knowledge and skills necessary to obtain adequate lab specimens for testing.
  • Performs patient bedside lab testing and associated quality control in compliance with medical provider's orders and hospital lab procedures/policies.

WORK ENVIRONMENT & CULTURE FOCUS: Coordinates the interdisciplinary care of the patient through collaboration with team members and utilizes additional resources when necessary

  • Analyzes clinical situations in a systematic way and acts to obtain resources or correct problems to meet or exceed expected outcomes or patient needs
  • Recognizes need for assistance and utilizes resources, including physician and nurse to nurse (UAT) consultation in a timely manner
  • Demonstrates ownership and persistence to ensure problem is resolved in best way possible.
  • Able to assume assignment of non-complex and some complex patient management with some turnover in assignment
  • Consistently prioritizes work based on changes in patient condition, changes in assignment and unanticipated interruptions
  • Identifies and utilizes team resources to solve identified problems or needs
  • Collaborates with the health care team in the organization of tasks and activities for the patient's care from admission to discharge according to the plan of care and to meet identified expected outcomes
  • Works with other team members in delegating tasks and activities appropriately
  • Provides goal-focused shift report
  • Advocates with physicians on patient's behalf when necessary
  • Utilizes communication and teamwork strategies aimed at promoting high team performance and achieving optimal patient outcomes and unit productivity
  • Chooses an appropriate and meaningful communication style when interacting with others: gives and accepts constructive feedback to/from peers.

PATIENT EDUCATION FOCUS: Assesses and chooses teaching strategies appropriate to the patient's/family's age specific needs.

  • Adapts teaching strategies based on patient's response, readiness to learn and level of comprehension
  • Takes cultural, age-specific, gender, and developmental factors into consideration when teaching patients about procedures, illness, hospital experience, etc.
  • Ensures patient safety in the hospital environment by following policy/procedures and adhering to National Patient Safety Goals
  • Demonstrates a practical problem solving approach to patient moving and handling issues (as applicable)
  • Demonstrates skills to promote patient and staff safety through appropriate use of lift equipment (as applicable)
  • Consults appropriate resources within the hospital to provide specialized education
  • Utilizes SVI patient education system as a resource for patients and family members

PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT FOCUS: Actively participates in data collection, analysis, problem solving and gives input on process improvements and patient satisfaction.

  • Assures that the care provided is consistent with standards of care, evidence based practices, national patient safety goals, core measures and other quality initiatives undertaken by the unit/hospital
  • Works with interdisciplinary team in identifying opportunities for improvement in patient care and patient/family satisfaction
  • Actively promotes and achieves customer satisfaction (patient, family, departments, physicians)
  • Participates in the implementation of Performance Improvement initiatives
  • Promptly and efficiently follows up on patient/family requests/needs - anticipates patient/family needs
  • Encourages coworkers in achieving excellent customer satisfaction; utilizes organizational service excellence standards
  • Serves on unit based councils
  • Identifies practice problems on the unit
  • Implements changes in own clinical practice based on literature and unit process improvement outcomes
  • Works on assigned projects, data collection, audits as assigned



1. Bachelor's degree in nursing preferred 2. Individuals hired after August 1, 2013 must obtain a BSN within 5 years of hire Credentials:

  • CPR
  • Registered Nurse in the state of IL
  • Other: Valid CPR required