Area HR Manager

Lowe's Companies, Inc. Paterson, NJ
The principle purpose of the Area Human Resources Manager is for overseeing the human resources function within his/her assigned markets in order to drive change management, employee engagement, workforce management, performance management, talent development and succession planning.

This position manages Store HR Managers who are responsible for delivering human resources functions within their store. The Area Human Resources Manager is responsible for managing and providing results that support strategic, creative, and collaborative leadership across their region.

To accomplish this, the Area Human Resources Manager must have knowledge of human resources functions; human resources policies, strategies and environment; and human resources laws and regulations. An individual in this role must also have the ability to inspire and influence others to achieve company goals.

The Area Human Resources Manager works closely with market staff, Store Managers, Assistant Store Managers, and HR Managers in order to align HR strategy with market business plans and help stores implement within their specific location.

Functional Competencies

Coaching Others – The ability to analyze patterns and identify key areas for improvement of processes or results and to coach individuals or teams on a specific competency or subject area. This includes the ability to successfully coach superstars and problem performers, monitor individual or team progress through feedback sessions, and contribute to the establishment of good coaching practices. This also includes the ability to discuss alternative techniques for diagnosing and coaching individuals and teams.

Human Resources Policies, Strategies and Environment – The ability to recommend effective techniques for managing an HR unit or department; advise on the development of HR policies, strategies and plans; and facilitate organizational procedures to ensure effective HR strategic planning and operations. This includes the ability to consult on the resolution of any legal and professional consequences of HR policy breaches and train others on the use of technology in current and planned HR strategies. This also includes the ability to oversee the key relationships and dependencies between HR and other business components.

HR Legal and Regulatory Environment – The ability to implement and ensure adherence to a specific aspect of legislation. This includes the ability to explain a specific HR policy or practice and relates it to a specific law or regulation, answer queries on work-related aspects not covered by legislation. This also includes the ability to follow locally relevant laws and policies governing HR issues and assess situations or conditions with potential legal implications.

Staffing and Recruiting – The ability to coach others on staffing multiple functions or departments in the organization and consult on all aspects (e.g. relocation or recruiting) of the staffing process. This includes the ability to supervise the consolidation of information on recruiting and retention best practices and benchmarking, evaluate benefits and drawbacks of current recruiting system, and evaluate the effectiveness of current staffing strategies within the organization. This also includes the ability to monitors the staffing marketplace and competitive environment.

Core Competencies

Being Organizationally Savvy – The ability to maneuver well to accomplish work within own function and with strategic business partners. This includes the ability to build and grow a network of partnerships, develop an understanding of formal and informal decision-making processes, and leverage knowledge of functional and cross-functional operations to accomplish work objectives.

Communicating Effectively – The ability to effectively develop and communicate one's perspectives and ideas. This includes the ability to convey a compelling message, engage the audience, and adapt the message, delivery, and point-of-view based on the audience's real-time or anticipated reactions. This also includes active listening, and eliciting questions, participation, and buy-in from the audience.

Lowe's is an equal opportunity affirmative action employer and administers all personnel practices without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, veteran status, genetics or any other category protected under applicable law.