Behavior Specialist
State of Rhode Island
 Pascoag, RI

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: To implement various aspects of specific, individually oriented behavior treatment programs for the developmentally disabled in various clinical settings; to utilize various behavior treatment techniques in following the treatment plans and record progress and/or findings; and to do related work as required.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Works under the supervision of a professional superior from whom specific instructions are received; work is closely reviewed for technical competence and conformance to instructions, program plans, and established policies and procedures.

SUPERVISION EXERCISED: May supervise staff personnel, patient help and volunteers.To carry out detailed, specific, individually oriented behavior treatment programs singularly or in small groups utilizing various behavior treatment techniques as directed.

To attend treatment team meetings and assist in planning and evaluating treatment care programs.

To perform intensive observations of adaptive behaviors and to make adequate recordings of such.

To utilize adequate data collection procedures in reaching baseline information.

To recommend specific behavior treatment techniques for individuals and revisions and/or changes in programs.

To adequately document behavior treatment program progression, including use of approved data recording techniques and automated data entry equipment as directed.

To assist a superior in providing in-service training and staff development relating to behavior treatment.

As required, to supervise ward staff carrying out behavior treatment programs.

As required, to attend training sessions in phlebotomy, for yearly certification in CPR, and for behavioral aggression management.

As required, to perform necessary research of patient assessment and behavioral ratings.

As required, to perform specific therapies including behavior modification, social skills training and family therapy and education.

To do related work as required.

KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS AND CAPACITIES: A working knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of learning theory, abnormal psychology, developmental psychology and data collection procedures; the ability to implement detailed, specific behavior treatment plans; the ability to make accurate observations and record them clearly; the ability to record and represent data in statistical forms; and related capacities and abilities.


Education: Such as may have been gained through: graduation from a college of recognized standing with specialization in psychology, special education or a closely related field; and

Experience: Such as may have been gained through: experience working in a clinical setting.

Or, any combination of education and experience that shall be substantially equivalent to the above education and experience.

Candidates with a bachelor's degree are strongly encouraged to apply.

Pre-Employment Requirements for all candidates to receive a position at ESH is the proof of immunity against:

Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)

Varicella (Chickenpox),

Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis (Tdap),

Hepatitis B titers,

Tuberculin Skin Test(TST)

This requirement is based on the Rhode Island Department of Health Rules and Regulations for the Immunization, Testing and Health Screening of Healthcare Workers [R23-17-HCW]

Please contact Employee Health Clinic within 2 business days of accepting the position. The Employee Health Office at the Eleanor Slater Hospital is open 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday through Friday at:

Cranston Ph: (401) 462-2001 Fax:462-1683 Email:

Zambarano Ph: (401) 567-5524 Fax: 567-4003