Sr. Software Development Engineer - Data Engineering, Inc. Palo Alto, CA
Amazon's Advertising technology team builds the technology infrastructure and ad serving systems to manage billions of advertising queries every day. The result is better quality advertising for publishers and more relevant ads for customers. Our infrastructure supports millions of Internet users and handles billions of queries per day, all delivered in milliseconds. Our data platform processes massive data sets to develop business intelligence and analytics that are critical for the efficiency and profitability of our advertising business.

We are seeking a talented and self-motivated individual to join Amazon Publisher Service engineering team to work on business intelligence platform technologies, reporting tools, analytics infrastructure, as well as machine learning and data science.

In this role you will:

* Build ETL pipelines that ingest big data from multiple sources into hybrid data storages.

* Design and implement effective data models for analytics platform to support fast and flexible queries.

* Build reliable APIs that effective connect data services to UI presentations.

* Explore available technologies and design custom solutions to improve our data quality, workflow and job manageability and scalability; leverage cutting-edge tools and technology to continuously improve our data analytics infrastructure and reporting capability.

* Troubleshoot data issues and build customized reports to investigate key business questions.

* Research, experiment and train models that help with improvements of publisher profitability.