Site Reliability Engineer
 Palo Alto, CA
ADARA serves leading travel brands by delivering critical intelligence that drives personalization and relevance throughout the customer’s journey resulting in more enduring and profitable relationships. Fueling these insights is our data co-op which connects over 200 leading travel brands to create the most comprehensive view of the world's travelers and their behaviors across brands, channels, and devices. ADARA transforms how our B2C clients leverage consumer insight at every stage—learn, act, measure and modify—to unleash the revenue potential of each individual.

ADARA's Site Reliability Engineer builds and maintain tools, policy and processes around production infrastructure hosted on Google Cloud Platform!

The Site Reliability Engineer role at ADARA offers a great opportunity for those who love the satisfaction of solving complex problems in high-pressure situations.

You Are

  • An ace-troubleshooter and expert problem-solver
  • A big-picture thinker, but also a detail-oriented operator
  • A resourceful and sideways thinker as the need arises
  • The Production Operations Engineer is responsible for all things Production, striving for fast and flawless execution by building and maintaining smart tools and processes for production deployment and production health with a “DevOps” mindset. Production Operations Engineers always work toward achieving the “S’s and R’s” (security, stability, scalability, reliability and redundancy)

Skills & Experience

  • 2-3+ years experience in a similar role
  • Own and drive the security initiatives.
  • Work with engineering teams to implement security measures to protect our data and applications in the cloud
  • Needs to be an advocate for strong ProdEng to Eng communication and evangelize the DevOps mindset at ADARA Linux Systems
  • Solid, daily usage and experience administrating Linux systems (any flavor, but CentOS preferred)
  • Scripting/Programming: shell scripting ability is required, along with Python experience is strongly preferred
  • Any java/js, (or any other “C-like” syntax) experience is a plus
  • Troubleshooting - Demonstrated ability to apply knowledge and skills to find a solution or reasonable workaround under pressure
  • Monitoring: experience with tools such as “Zabbix, Stackdriver or similar as well as APM’s, such as Catchpoint, Pingdom, Dynatrace or similar
  • Networking: Solid understanding of networking concepts in general --also, specifically, web protocols, load-balancing and access-control methodology and implementation
  • Nice to haves: SQL (“Jr DBA” type of skill set), AWS, GCP

ADARA is the world's travel data co-op with a simple vision of growing the travel industry together. Share data, and get insights and knowledge in return. We call it The World's Travel Graph. It provides a unique, holistic understanding of patterns, trends and behavior, and we’re adding to the bigger picture partner by partner. It’s a safe and secure way to share and analyze historical and real time data about more than 500 million monthly unique traveler profiles from more than 100 of the world's top travel businesses. ADARA captures data on the move about people on the move for businesses on the move, and our data co-op fuels three core business areas: Advertising, Measurement & Analytics and Traveler Intelligence. Let's travel together! To learn more, visit