Senior Software Development Engineer - Search Platform, Inc. Palo Alto, CA
The Amazon Search team creates powerful, customer-focused search and technologies. Whenever a customer visits an Amazon site worldwide and types in a query or browses through product categories, our services go to work. We design, develop and deploy high performance, fault-tolerant distributed search systems used by millions of Amazon customers every day.

Our core search engine team comprises a set of massively scaled, highly available, distributed services utilizing, and continually evolving, the cutting-edge technologies. These services power Amazon's product search capabilities worldwide.

As a member of Search engine team you will:

* Evolve and grow world-class Amazon search services deployed across tens of thousands of machines in AWS, serving billions of search queries at tens of millisecond latencies, while simultaneously handling updates to billions of products worldwide.

* Immerse yourself in imagining and providing cutting-edge solutions to large-scale information retrieval and machine learning (ML/DL) problems.

* Have a relentless focus on scalability, latency, performance robustness, and cost trade-offs -- especially those present in highly virtualized, elastic, cloud-based environments.

* Apply scientific analysis and mathematical modeling techniques to predict, measure and evaluate the consequences of designs and the ongoing success of our platform.

* Alongside a dedicated operations team, develop and support, the smooth 24x7 operation of our worldwide service.

Joining this team, you'll experience the benefits of working in a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment, while leveraging the resources of (AMZN), one of the world's leading internet companies. We provide a highly customer-centric, team-oriented environment in our offices located in Palo Alto, California.