Environmental Test - Specialist, Integration and Test Engineer
 Palm Bay, FL

Job Title: Dynamics Mechanical Engineer - Environmental Test

Job Code: SAS20190611-34575

Job Location: Palm, Bay, FL

Job Description:

This is a hands-on testing position and requires knowledge in the area of experimental dynamics techniques and procedures. Supporting activities will include:

  • Coordination, preparation, and execution of environmental testing projects varying in complexity from development to final product qualification testing.
  • Responsible for the vibration testing of unfurl-able reflectors and solid dish space antenna products. This includes both subassembly and system level assemblies.
  • Capture and address nonconformance using root cause corrective action methodology.
  • Required to diagnose and troubleshoot instrumentation, sensors, and data acquisition systems.
  • Support testing operating electro-dynamic shakers, shock test simulators, drop testers and data collection activities in lab and off-site locations.
  • Responsible for conducting pyrotechnic shock and frequency response measurements for structural characterization.
  • Competency fulfilling a leadership role in the investigation, identification, and resolution efforts in the field of mechanical shock and vibrations.
  • Strong understanding of signal processing techniques and measurements best practices.
  • Application of various experimental dynamics testing techniques such as FRF analysis, modal analysis, order analysis, transfer path analysis (TPA), and operating deflection shape analysis (ODS).
  • Generation of test reports following test activities.


  • 2+ years of experience with Master's degree in Mechanical engineering with focus in experimental dynamics, or equivalent.

Preferred Additional Skills

  • Ability to lead a team up to 10 people on test activities
  • Ability to work up to 15 feet on an elevated platform
  • Organizational, verbal and written communication skills
  • Computer skills including: MS Windows and office products (excel, PowerPoint, word, and project), and MATLAB
  • Strong sense of responsibility, ownership and follow-through
  • Team player, pro-active, and customer oriented with a sense of urgency to accomplish a given task or goal
  • Possess a high level of initiative and willingness to learn
  • Experience with process improvement tools including Lean Six Sigma, 5S or Kaizen