Surveillance Operator (National Harbor)

MGM National Harbor Oxon Hill, MD

Essential Functions and Tasks

This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by employees in this position. It is not intended to give all details or a step-by-step account of the way each procedure or task is performed. The incumbent is expected to perform other duties necessary for effective operation of the department.

  • Detects any procedural errors, potential cheating, and/or suspicious activity that may be a threat to the Company.
  • Enforces all policies and procedures.
  • Operates Surveillance equipment for extended periods of time to ensure accurate video documentation, with regard to irregularities or deviations from normal activities in all areas of responsibility.
  • Monitors assigned areas on a continuous basis to ensure complete coverage.
  • Remains alert to any suspicious activity, and communicates such activity to his/her supervisor and/or other designated person.
  • Performs daily tape change, video checks, and video playbacks, while assisting the entire Surveillance staff with various tasks as required.
  • Verbally communicates in person and over the phone in a courteous manner.
  • Reports any and all needed repairs of surveillance equipment to appropriate persons.
  • Maintains an extensive understanding of all casino games, including payoffs and game odds, rules, procedures, cheating methods, and card counting methods.
  • Notifies and/or communicates with State Gaming Control, and corresponding department Manager or Supervisor of all criminal acts.

Supervisory Responsibilities


Education and/or Experience


  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Minimum of two (2) years of experience in surveillance or table games, preferably in a casino/hotel environment.
  • Effectively communicate in English, in both written and oral forms.


  • Previous casino surveillance experience.

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations

  • Gaming License/Card.
  • All other certifications and licenses as required by the jurisdiction.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Writing: The ability to prepare clear, accurate, and understandable written text in English, following the basic rules of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. This may include memos, proposals, reports, email, and professional or general correspondence. Federal and State Law: Knowledge of Federal and State laws related to security and loss prevention (e.g., invasion of privacy, use of force, use of surveillance equipment, robbery, and assault and battery). Person Perception: The ability to read people and predict their actions by observing their behavior and assessing their tone of voice and body language. Interpersonal Skills: The ability to develop and maintain professional, trusting, and positive working relationships with managers, supervisors, staff, coworkers, guests, and vendors. This includes being cooperative, approachable, and taking time to listen to and address others’ questions or concerns; treating others with kindness, respect, and dignity; and expressing empathy and compassion when dealing with the needs and problems of others. Stress Tolerance: The ability to work productively and effectively when faced with stressful work situations and time pressures. This includes maintaining stamina, patience, and effective interactions with others under stressful working conditions, and maintaining a calm, controlled, professional manner when facing high pressure and demanding situations. English Language Proficiency: The ability to speak and understand spoken English when giving and receiving instructions, and talking with management, coworkers, and guests. This includes using correct grammar when speaking and not using slang terms. Integrity and Company Policies Knowledge: The ability and willingness to uphold ethical standards and comply with all federal, state, and local laws and company policies, procedures, and regulations. This includes maintaining confidentiality of all sensitive and proprietary information and avoiding conflict of interest situations. Closed Circuit Television Equipment: Knowledge of CCTV equipment in order to ensure security of public property areas. Team Work: The ability to participate as a committed member of a team. This includes cooperating and working well with other team members to accomplish goals and meet guest needs, being supportive of others, willingly helping others, objectively considering others’ ideas and opinions, sharing information with others, adhering to team expectations and guidelines, giving proper credit to others, and fulfilling team responsibilities.

Work Schedule/Hours

Ability to work a flexible schedule including extended hours, weekends, holidays, and shifts.