Salesforce Business Application Engineer
Clubessential LLC
 Overland Park, KS

Requisition Number: SALES01107

About Clubessential Holdings

Clubessential Holdings is a Battery Ventures company, fulfilling their global mission of investing in and creating cutting-edge, category-defining businesses by providing a full suite of membership and club management Software as a Service solutions to private clubs, health & fitness clubs, and college athletic programs and parks and recreation entities. Across five brands – Clubessential, ClubReady, foreUP, PrestoSports, and Vermont Systems – the company offers a variety of forward-thinking technology and services which help more than 10,000 customers attract, engage, and retain members and fans for life.

Job Overview

The Salesforce Business Application Engineer is responsible for aligning Salesforce with the company’s business processes as well as to ensure 100 percent adoption rates within the company. This individual must possess a general knowledge of Web applications and Internet architecture as well as deep skills in Microsoft SQL and Excel and have 5-10 years of experience with SFDC CRM, SFDC Communities, SFDC Service Cloud, SFDC Pardot. This engineer should develop a solid understanding of business processes across the organization and have previous experience working with cross-functional teams including sales, support, marketing, and IT.


  • Understand business requirements and how to effectively translate to Salesforce
  • Possess both strong and some tactical Salesforce skills to understand how changes may impact entire user universe
  • Update information on any organizational changes or business process improvements
  • Send updated training and benefits communications to the user groups
  • Attend ongoing Salesforce training sessions as new features and on- demand versions of the application are launched
  • Be the “voice” of the user community to represent to management commonly requested and needed changes to the application
  • Hold quarterly update meetings with the SFDC Steering Committee to revisit application success factors and ensure incorporation of additional user requirements
  • Understand all aspects of Salesforce configuration and technical/functional capabilities, including all changes and potential system implications related to the Salesforce release upgrades
  • Communicate regularly with SFDC Steering Committee and other stakeholders to ensure functionality meets field needs and to develop ongoing project plan.
  • Maintain high-level familiarity with other IT system /business application capabilities and scope definition in order to make recommendations about potential upstream/downstream integration or functionality intersection points.
  • Support Corporate Marketing’s use of Salesforce, including automating processes related to marketing campaigns.
  • Develop ad-hoc reports as requested by user groups or stakeholders and perform analysis on data as required
  • Maintain and communicate system metrics to track trends in usage and data integrity
  • Manage all security settings and conduct regular security/configuration audits
  • Manage all new user set-ups and deactivation, including transferring ownership of accounts/contacts/opportunities for deactivated users
  • Execute all configuration changes
  • Perform new release evaluations with business owners and execute new functionality roll-outs
  • Regularly audit data to uncover data integrity issues and/or opportunities for process improvement
  • Performs mass data imports using the API or import tools as requested
  • Manage and implement customization requests including creating workflow triggers, workflow alerts, automated email responses, etc.
  • Maintain updated system documentation and Salesforce policies/procedures
  • Develop and maintain naming conventions of picklists, report folders, dashboards, etc. to improve system usability
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Application Life Cycles Management & Release Management Process.


  • Excellent communication skills to help internally “sell” and “service” the user group
  • Excellent training skills to perform ongoing training sessions
  • Strong relationship building with managers of user groups to ensure proper use of the application
  • 5-10 years of experience managing multiple SFDC environments
  • Experience standing up new SFDC CRM platforms
  • 5-10 years of experience with SFDC CRM, SFDC Service Cloud, SFDC Communities, and SFDC Pardot.
  • Experience working with implementation partners
  • Standing Salesforce Certifications: Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce AppBuilder. Additional certifications are a plus.
  • Project management experience

**Remote Opportunity**