Nuclear Security Guard-Trainee (JAF)

Exelon Oswego, NY
Under general supervision, as a shift or scheduled worker, to enforce all rules, regulations and instructions as required to provide absolute protective security.

Would require duties such as control all points of vehicle and personnel access to prevent unauthorized entry, register visitors and provide escort as required; conduct inspection tours to insure the security of the facility; conduct searches of personnel and access vehicles to detect the presence of firearms; explosives, incendiary devices or other items which could be used for industrial sabotage; check all bundles and material removed from the premises and collect passes which itemize such material and authorize its removal; inspect perimeter intrusion alarm systems for performance; observe and control unattended access points supplemented by closed circuit television where applicable and other associated duties as required.

Candidates must meet the follow basic qualifications for this position:

* Be at least 21 years of age

* Have a High School diploma or GED

* Have a valid Drivers License

* Pass Any State-required training or other qualifications for licensing

* You must be able to pass a drug test with negative results (except when undergoing documented medical treatment)

* Be able to pass extensive background check, including criminal history, personal references, employment and educational verifications, and Department of Motor Vehicle and Credit Check.

* Pass a State licensing test as you will be driving a company-owned vehicle

* Be able to operate a radio or telephone equipment and/or console monitors and surveillance equipment.

* Be able to successfully complete all training required for the position

* Demonstrate an ability to interact cordially and communicate with the public

* Pass the following, post-offer in accordance with code of federal regulations for armed nuclear security assignment: MMPI Psychological testing Physical Exams, including vision and hearing, in accordance with nuclear regulatory requirements and site training and qualification plan.

* Physical fitness (agilities) test in accordance with site training and qualification plan

Firearms qualification with handgun, shotgun and rifle per client site training and qualification plan.

* Nuclear site specific training and testing providing general knowledge of nuclear power generation science and principles, this training and testing will include radiation worker principles including respirator training, fit and dress out.


* BS in Criminal Justice or related field or in a Technical Field

* Current or prior nuclear security experience

* Current or prior military experience

* Current or prior law enforcement experience

* Current or prior industrial security experience

* Current or prior trade school or apprenticeship experience