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Summary Statement

The President of the Coalition For The Homeless of Central Florida (Coalition) is responsible for providing strong, innovative leadership and maximizing the role of the Coalition in achieving measurable results for our clients, partners, and donors in the Central Florida community.  The President is responsible for developing strategies that will increase financial resources in an effort to relieve homelessness and to create and build awareness of the services and assistance provided by the Coalition in the community.  The President/CEO is accountable for the overall operational and fiscal integrity of the organization within policies set by the Board of Directors and for  leading, managing and administering all aspects of the organization.  This includes supervising and developing staff; managing campus facilities and operations; communicating effectively with all partners, donors, agencies, elected officials, public and the media; directing and encouraging development efforts; and directing strategic planning for the organization.  The President is responsible for assuring compliance with policies set by the Board of Directors.  The President will report directly to the Board Chair and staff will report to the President.


As a Leader, the President is required to foster and maintain liaison and influence within the organization by empowering, guiding, helping, persuading and directing individuals in the execution of tasks required to meet the organization’s goals.  A key responsibility of this position is to positively influence the Central Florida community model addressing homelessness, including the spectrum of services and housing needed . In fulfilling this responsibility, the President will act as the primary spokesperson for the Coalition’s  goals and objectives and be an active participant in key community organizations and serve on organizational Boards of Directors as appropriate.

As a Strategist, the President is directly responsible for working with and through the Board of Directors to formulate the overall direction and purpose of the Coalition and to develop a long-term strategic plan and annual operating plan.  This includes research and evaluation of external social, community and economic factors impacting the future direction of the organization.  The President shall be the change agent responsible for assisting all organizational entities to adapt to a changing environment.  This includes the Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, agency directors and the Central Florida community at large. A candidate will also have experience in a heightened need to develop a strategic long term plan for the facilities needed to support the Coalition’s vision.

As a Solutions Developer, the President is responsible for creating an environment wherein logical thinking and structured flexibility allow individuals to deal effectively with critical issues, problems and opportunities.

As an Administrator, the President is required to create, implement and maintain effective systems and processes that help people work effectively and communicate and collaborate efficiently.  This requires an individual capable of providing guidance to support internal and external processes by means of effective and clearly understood policies, procedures and work standards, The candidate must positively invest in and influence the community approach to homelessness while positioning the Coalition as a key participant in the community solution to homelessness.

Summary Of Duties

  • Identify, develop and foster strategies to ensure long-term awareness of, as well as financial and volunteer support for, the homeless among the business community, governmental organizations, philanthropic organizations, religious groups and private individuals throughout Central Florida.

  • Serve as primary spokesperson and public advocate on behalf of the homeless population throughout Central Florida.

  • Communicate and collaborate with the leadership of homeless service providers and governmental agencies advocating regional solutions to Central Florida’s homeless service needs.            

  • Lead the preparation of the annual operating budget including operations, personnel, administrative and maintenance expenses and a capital budget reflective of the long-term needs of the Coalition.

  • Ensure the economic viability and serve as the primary fundraising spokesperson for the Coalition.

  • Utilize empowering leadership style to guide the operations at all Coalition facilities by maximizing the ability of the staff to deal successfully with the effects of homelessness in a caring and effective manner that provides for both individual initiative and accountability.

  • Ensure the development of effective and viable programs for residents designated to break the cycle of homelessness and create personal independence, and incorporate appropriate accountability and reporting measurements.

  • Ensure that the Coalition is able to attract and retain bright, caring and capable staff to meet current and future needs.  Develop staff through training and experience, maintaining sound management practices and policies that provide a consistently fair and respectful work environment.

  • Ensure the implementation of policies enacted by the Board of Directors.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.