R&D Intern

Niagara Bottling Ontario, CA
At Niagara, we're looking for Team Members who want to be part of achieving our mission to provide our customers the highest quality most affordable bottled water.

Consider applying here, if you want to:

* Work in an entrepreneurial and dynamic environment with a chance to make an impact.

* Develop lasting relationships with great people.

* Have the opportunity to build a satisfying career.

We offer competitive compensation and benefits packages for our Team Members.

R&D Intern

Department Name and Purpose within Niagara

Our Research and Development team designs and engineers improved products, materials, and processing methods serving the needs of customers and production, increasing efficiency and value. This ranges from basic materials research to product design to manufacturing processes. We also explore new directions for the company.

Samples of Previous Intern Projects (projects differ from year to year)

* Performing mechanical FEA (finite element analysis) of current and future bottle designs with the goals of optimizing mechanical performance and improving speed to market.

* Exploring the process parameter space of various existing polymers, and how material properties change with the addition of various additives.

* Developing novel high-speed measurement techniques and systems, including circuit design and computer vision algorithm development.

* Design and build state-of-the-art laboratory instruments.

Niagara's Mission Statement and L.I.F.E

Here at Niagara, it is our mission to deliver an unbeatable combination of quality, price, and service through hard work and innovation. Our employees Lead like an owner within every position, InnovAct every day, Find a way to accomplish even the most daunting tasks, and Empower one another. We are looking for candidates who…

* Have passion and grit to reach their goals.

* Have a desire to expand their knowledge.

* Work well in a team environment.

What We Do:

* Give you exposure to the various areas of Research and Development including product design, materials research, computer simulations, and laboratory techniques, both within your field and across disciplines.

* Encourage you to ask questions, be quizzical, seek information, and give a fresh perspective.

* Provide ownership of a project while supporting you as much as needed, to promote your personal growth while positively impacting Niagara.

* Give you experience in project management.

* Provide opportunities for you to network as a part of our talent pipeline with prospects of full time employment and specialized programs.

What You Do:

* Gain experience in conveying technical information, such as complex data sets, to highlight key aspects.

* Tune research, design, testing, and analytical skills while working on your personal project.

* Work with the Research and Development team to explore a variety of exploratory projects and your own interests, while assisting with and learning from the work of team members.


* Research experience.

* Willingness to learn.

* Self-motivations and direction.

* Initiative.

* Technical skill requirements vary by project and major.


* Minimum Required:

* Pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Science.

* Preferred:

* Pursuing a Master's Degree in Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Science.

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