Operating Services: Software Engineer Critical Systems Development (Positive Train Control)

Union Pacific Railroad Company Omaha, NE
This position is a technical position as part of the Technical Career Path Process. The technical career path is for employees interested in an individual contributor role, who want to work with other team members to ensure a project's success. The main elements of the technical path include: 1) No direct reports, 2) Heavy technical skills, 3) Heavy teamwork, 4) Heavy client/customer contact, 5) Heavy daily planning and execution, 6) Creativity and 7) Participation in interviewing process.


Problem Solving: Must be able to take current practices and procedures and improve upon them with innovative ideas. Must be able to understand and integrate solutions in a multi-systems environment, providing a seamless look to the customer.

Freedom to Act: Incumbent may set his/her own priorities and may deviate from procedure if the end results meet the standards. Supervisors typically review the work product or results after completion.

Impact of Action: Responsible for giving significant advice and counsel, information and/or analysis for decision makers.

Technical Knowledge: Requires demonstrated subject matter expertise of several components, and the incumbent is qualified to transfer this knowledge to the rest of the organization.

Managerial Knowledge: Requires ability to effectively manage work time and deliver a quality product on time. Also requires the ability to understand and convey ideas to other people effectively.

Business Knowledge: Requires subject matter expertise of at least one UP business process. Incumbent can explain how the entire process functions.


A Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related field

Preferred Skills

6 year(s) experience in Information Technology