Plant Operator

Oklahoma City Oklahoma City, OK
Department Information, Job Summary and Essential Job Functions

NOTE: The normal starting pay for this position is $18.56 per hour. A higher hourly rate may be considered dependent on the qualifications and experience of the selected applicant and/or the City's step placement policy.

Full-time employees will receive preference in the following order: major division first, then department, and then all other full-time City employees. If it is determined that no qualified full-time City employees exist, qualified part-time employees and external applicants will be considered.

This posting will be used to fill a current vacancy/vacancies in Water Quality Division of the Utilities Department with the City of Oklahoma City. However, an eligibility list will be established or supplemented for filling future vacancies in the department, per provisions of the AFSCME collective bargaining agreement. This job is under the supervision of a Chief Plant Operator. The work performed is standardized in nature but requires a functional knowledge of plant facilities, as well as skills in operating plant equipment and machinery. The employee is responsible for inspecting and monitoring assigned areas of plant operations to ensure established procedures are followed in maintaining the proper treatment of water and for performing maintenance as may be needed. Essential job functions include: accurately recording and compiling data for operating logs and reports; collecting samples and performing certain laboratory tests in compliance with regulatory and department requirements; and other special assignments as delegated by the supervisor. Other duties may include, but are not limited to: operating, inspecting, and maintaining plant, equipment, and facilities; information exchange; data collection/reporting requiring intermediate level mathematical calculations and computer skills; monitoring and troubleshooting treatment processes to ensure the delivery of potable water to the distribution network consistent with health and environmental requirements required by federal, state, and department drinking water standards; and functionally supervising less experienced staff. Working primarily on an independent basis, the employee must be willing to assume responsibility for work performed and related decisions made. Assignments are reviewed by the Chief Plant Operator through visual inspection of recorded data. Due to direct occupational health, safety and environmental concerns associated with performing both routine and non-routine water operations, maintenance, and production tasks, the Plant Operator is a safety sensitive classification. Therefore, current and prospective employees are required to meet and maintain specific physical standards and guidelines.


Honorably discharged veterans of the United States Armed Forces who are not currently employed full-time by the City of Oklahoma City shall receive five (5) points added to the passing score on an initial selection process. Qualified applicants must upload or submit a copy of their DD Form 214 indicating discharge type/character of service at the time of application.

Job Requirements

* Knowledge of and skill in performing general plant operations and processes.

* Knowledge of and skill in performing minor mechanical repairs of plant, machinery, and components.

* Skill in recording information accurately in written form using logs, spreadsheets, or other technology.

* Skill in utilizing latest computer software/technology and recordkeeping information tracking systems.

* Skill in accurately communicating verbally, in writing, or by physical demonstration.

* Skill in following instructions and plant procedures.

* Skill and willingness to exercise established environmental safety precautions for the work performed for self, co-workers, and public.

* Ability to supervise performance of work activities.

* Ability and willingness to make work-related decisions.

* Ability and willingness to meet and maintain physical health standards and guidelines for the work performed.

* Willingness to assume responsibility for work performed

* Willingness to functionally supervise performance of work activities.

* Willingness to perform semi-hazardous and hazardous tasks.

* Possession of a Class "C" Oklahoma State water operator license for water operations or wastewater license for wastewater operations (depending upon assignment).

NOTE: When no fully licensed Plant Operator candidates exist, otherwise qualified candidates will be tested and considered for employment as a Plant Operator Trainee. The Plant Operator Trainee classification will afford a selected candidate a period of six (6) months to acquire an ODEQ Class "D" Waterworks license and eighteen (18) months to acquire an ODEQ Class "C" Waterworks license. If the trainee fails to attain the required licenses during the specified period, the trainee will be removed from the position.

Working Conditions and Physical Requirements


* Inside and outside, exposed to heat, cold, humidity, adverse weather conditions, etc.

* Subject to working in and around standing or flowing water or exposed to pressurized water and equipment.

* Subject to working on or around slippery surfaces.

* Subject to climbing portable ladders to heights up to 45 ft. and climbing fixed ladders to heights up to 265 ft. above ground level to work on tanks, platforms, grating and equipment.

* Subject to climbing down portable ladders to depths of 45 ft. and climbing down fixed ladders to depths of 72 ft. when working on equipment or in pits below ground.

* Subject to working in confined spaces and cramped positions where limited or restricted means of entry or exit exist.

* Subject to working near moving objects such as motor vehicles and plant machinery or equipment.

* Frequently exposed to constant noise at low levels and occasional loud noise for extended periods.

* Possibility of burns when working near or around heated metals and equipment.

* Frequently exposed to chemical vapors or fumes, dust, and natural respiratory hazards.

* Occasionally exposed to insects, plants, and other natural agents that cause allergic reactions.

* Occasionally exposed to potentially hazardous wildlife, such as, muskrats, beavers, boars, raccoons, birds, snakes, etc.

* Occasionally exposed to toxins and irritants, such as, corrosive chemicals, acids and cleaners, fuel and other otherwise harmful substances.

* Possibility of electrocution, electrical shock, fire, or burn when working with electricity and electrical machinery.

* Possibility of chemical or thermal explosions.

* Frequently exposed to large concentrations of noxious odors.

* Possibility of exposure to blood borne pathogens, raw sewage and other infectious agents.

* Subject to working irregular work hours, overtime, and on weekends and holidays.

* Frequently required to work rotating shifts and/or work locations.

NOTE: Typical City employee working hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. However, working hours vary (may require work to begin before 8:00 a.m. and/or end beyond 5:00 p.m., and/or may require work on weekends and holidays), and are subject to change, based on the duties and location of the position and the business needs of the assigned work unit/department.


* Strength enough to lift, carry, push, pull or move objects weighing up to 25 pounds frequently and/or up to 50 pounds occasionally.

* Stamina enough to exert oneself physically throughout the workday.

* Flexibility enough to bend, twist, and reach while loading and unloading materials and equipment.

* Mobility enough to continuously move oneself from place to place.

* Gross body coordination and balance enough to perform work while standing on ladders, scaffolding, catwalks, tanks, etc.

* Arm-hand steadiness enough to perform tasks such as repairing pumps, motors, valves, piping, chemical feeder, etc.

* Manual and finger dexterity enough to use hand tools and replace small equipment or components.

* Near vision enough to perform tasks such as inspecting equipment and reading gauges, schematics, blueprints, etc.

* Far vision enough to observe co-workers at ground level, while working on tanks, in pits, and to identify warning signs at a distance of 20 ft. etc.

* Visual color discrimination enough to identify red, green, and yellow items.

* Speech and hearing enough to communicate clearly and distinctly in person and by two-way radio, understand conversation in a noisy environment, and locate malfunctions in machinery.

* Pulmonary function sufficient to use a self-contained breathing apparatus and respirator.

* Maximum body mass, including equipment weighing up to 30 lbs., not to exceed 310 lbs.

Other Notes

NOTE: An eligibility list will be established from this posting consisting of applicants who receive a score of 70 percent or better. Multiple selection procedures may be utilized; a minimum of 70 percent or better will be required on each; and the results of multiple selection procedures will be equally weighted. The eligibility list will be in effect for 180 days from the date of the final selection procedure and will be used to fill future vacancies.

NOTE: All applicants considered for employment must be able to pass a respirator fit and cardiopulmonary test. Successful applicant must be able to utilize all safety equipment within its design capacities. (Examples: Fall protection/arrest systems, ladders/lifts, confined space entry gear, etc.)

NOTE: City employees are required to receive pay electronically, either via direct deposit or pay card.

NOTE: Full-time employees on the Interdepartmental lateral transfer/voluntary demotion list who are interested in this position must submit an application through the standard process.

NOTE TO FORMER EMPLOYEES: To participate in any selection process, former employees must be eligible for rehire. If you are unsure of your rehire status, please contact the Personnel Department at (405) 297-2530. If your rehire status has been coded "Not Eligible," "Eligible 3," or "Conditional," you will need to request a review of your retire status through the Personnel Department's Labor Relations Division.

NOTE: Upon a conditional offer and acceptance of employment, the City of Oklahoma City will conduct a background investigation/verification. Applicants will be provided contact information for any third-party reporting agencies used to collect background information in connection with conditional offers of employment.

NOTE: Applicants will be provided a copy of the City of Oklahoma City's Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy upon conditional offer and acceptance of the position and prior to being directed for a health screen/physical examination and drug test.

NOTE: Completion of the supplemental questions is required. Responses to supplemental questions must be supported by work history/information listed on the application/resume.


If you require reasonable accommodation at any time during the hiring process,

please notify one of the Personnel Department Representatives.

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