Community Affairs Manager (20180239)

OGE Energy Corp. Oklahoma City, OK
Position Summary:

Responsible for developing and maintaining positive working relationships and to support and help advance the company's business strategy by fostering the support of citizens, businesses, organizations, elected officials and its members throughout the company's service territory and to represent the communities' needs to the company. Lead in the development and implementation of economic and community development initiatives to advance the company's business strategies at local levels.


* Public Policy Support: Will monitor, shape and provide counsel to the municipal and county governments in their assigned communities and provide routine updates to the company. In addition, will actively seek to develop close professional relationships with all elected officials in their assigned areas, including members of the Oklahoma Legislatures.

* Community Support: Will become actively involved in the communities they serve with the goal of advancing the economic improvement and quality of life of those communities. Will also maintain a high profile in the community and serve to personalize the company in those communities.

* Operational Support: Will serve as a customer source for the company in the communities they serve. They will seek to help customers who contact them and assists them with the company in getting that customer's problem resolved through the company's existing business systems. Will also serve as advocates for the company when appropriate. Will also be readily available to serve the business units in an emergency capacity during storms and other such events.

* Will also provide relevant information from the field to the leaders of the business units to help them maintain a better understanding of issues, trends, concerns and opportunities in the communities as well monitoring legislative and regulatory activities and other duties as assigned related to legislative and regulatory issues.

Primary Duties:

* Develop and maintain positive working relationships with key stakeholders in the area.

* Coordinate with Economic Development to develop and implement local economic and community development strategies, including locally established initiatives.

* Provide leadership role in implementing economic and community development strategies, including locally established initiatives.

* Participate in and assume leadership roles in local business-related organizations and activities.

* Participate in community activities and organizations to promote the Company and enhance its image in local business and civic affairs.

* Seek out meaningful business intelligence for use in identifying and developing potential communities and key customers to serve.

* Coordinate corporate efforts with a variety of internal functions to ensure that the company is well represented within assigned area.

* Responsible for all activities surrounding franchise elections and system lease renewals within assigned area.

* Stay abreast of all local business development, laws, ordinances and regulations that could potentially affect company operations.

* Work with key customers in assigned areas as necessary to provide coordination of electrical service and account maintenance as well as helping to resolve service quality and billing issues.

* This position will serve the following communities: Agra, Arcadia, Bethel Acres, Carney, Chandler, Choctaw, Dale, Davenport, Del City, Forest Park, Harrah, Jones, Kendrick, Lake Aluma, Luther, McLoud, Meeker, Nicoma Park, Paden, Perkins, Shawnee, Smith Village, Sparks, Spencer, Tryon, Warwick, and Wellston.


* Bachelor's Degree in any field and Six (6) years experience working in Public Relations, Economic Development, Community Relations, or Municipal and/or County Government or working in the Utility Industry OR

* In lieu of a Bachelor's Degree, Ten (10) years experience working in Public Relations, Economic Development, Community Relations, or Municipal and/or County Government or working in the Utility Industry.

* Valid State Driver's License

Preferred Requirements:

* Experience with public speaking

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

* Excellent leadership abilities.

* Able to exercise independent judgment.

* Able to work within and support Company policies.

* Act as lead in department and/or company initiatives.

* Knowledge of the legislative and regulatory process.

* Exceptional communication skills (oral, written, and presentation)

* High degree of Company knowledge and professional judgment required to respond to inquires.

* Demonstrate self motivation and self management; able to multi-task and establish priorities.

* Ability and willingness to project a positive Company image under sensitive and sometimes adverse political conditions.

* In depth understanding of Company operations and Company terms and Conditions of Service.

* Able to move customer services to large commercial and/or industrial customers involving activities such as electric service coordination, service quality, billing.

Working Conditions:

* Office environment.

* May be required to work overtime and weekends and holidays.

* May require extensive travel.

* Regularly participate in civic and community activities outside normal working hours and may require periodic travel (some overnight).