Fraud Detection Agent
America First Credit Union
 Ogden, UT


Responsible for monitoring alleged and identified VISA fraud against the Credit Union. Conducts research, gathers information and analyzes incoming transaction data in an effort to reduce VISA fraud losses to AFFCU. This position plays a critical support role in the mitigation of VISA fraud losses.


  • Assumes responsibility for analyzing and monitoring VISA fraud prevention programs.
  • Monitors and analyzes the First Data Fraud Management Dialer Reports, and RSM Program and reports potential fraud trends to the Visa Fraud Team.
  • Contacts members to verify fraud transactions, either by phone, email or mail and block accounts when necessary and takes lost/stolen reports when member verifies fraud.
  • Provides information to Member Services, branches and members regarding suspicious transactions.
  • Enters fraud transactions into reporting data base for VISA and FDR.
  • Monitors and analyzes data and information from the DefenseEdge, VISA Advance Authorizations, and SpendTrends.
  • Assists with other processes within the Fraud Management Department such as entering fraud cases

into CaseTrac. Assists with answering phones within Fraud Management Services.

  • Recommends changes in the Falcon VISA Advance Authorization settings to minimize losses.
  • Has the ability to review and approve fraud strategies within the VISA Falcon program.
  • Approves suggested rules in Fraud Program for updated rules and strategies.
  • Assumes responsibility for potential VISA fraud losses which are reported by members
  • Takes lost/stolen reports from members, FDR, or branches when necessary
  • Informs members how to dispute fraud to America First Credit Union, including affidavit and dispute form.
  • Assist with preparing VISA fraud case for possible criminal investigation and follow up with criminal court when possible.
  • Communicates with Visa department personnel assisting in reducing losses through charge backs and follow-up with copies/write off.
  • Data input ability posting VISA fraud cases to CaseTrac.
  • Provide back up with Credit Union personnel and with management.
  • Assists Fraud Management Department with BSA filing and investigations as needed.
  • Keeps management informed of area activities and of any significant problems.
  • Attends and participates in meetings and committees as required.
  • Able to assist with other criminal investigations when assigned.
  • Alerts management of CAMS alerts that would have impact on the credit union and the compromised member's accounts.
  • Reviews and analyzes data from the CAMS alerts for fraud trends.
  • Serves as a backup to VISA Fraud Analyst.
  • Assumes responsibility for related duties.
  • Stays informed of developments in the field of VISA fraud and related legal changes.
  • Keeps work area clean, secure, and well maintained.
  • Completes special projects as assigned.
  • Provides suggestions for improved security policies and procedures.



  • Level I: High School Diploma
  • Level II: Associates Degree required
  • Level II: Some undergraduate courses preferred
  • Level II: CFCI Certificate preferred.

Required Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of data mining
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel/Word
  • Knowledge of the types of Credit Union fraud and the processes in identifying them.
  • Understanding of related Credit Union policy requirements.

Experience Required:

  • Five to seven years of related experience in financial setting.
  • One year of experience with VISA/First Data fraud prevention tools


  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Professional and tactful.
  • Persistent, able to work in stressful situations.