Quality Assurance Tech

Suja Life, LLC Oceanside, CA

The QA Technician assures the plant is compliant with food regulatory requirements and reporting deficiencies or practices that could compromise food safety, quality and food defense. You will be responsible for, but not limited to, improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System to better serve the business.


* Monitors production conditions, specifications, process controls and tracking controls

* Maintain washline concentrations

* Test ppm concentration for sanitation bucket and floor solutions

* Monitor a system that will verify checks on existing production control forms and be audited on the same forms that meet all program requirements

* Collect environmental swabs, air sampling dishes and Lab retain samples

* Verify all CCPs on-line and take corrective actions whenever necessary to assist in determining the root cause and development of a preventative action plan

* Responsible for checking the pH levels, temperature and brix of each batch of juice produced and is with in product specifications

* Verify and document Facility Operation Inspections & Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

* Perform Standard Sanitation Operational Procedures (SSOPs) verification and ATP swabs

* Tracks non-conforming product and their dispositions

* Perform Pre-Operational inspection procedures of all production/bottling equipment and facility

* Perform equipment calibrations and makes the necessary adjustments

* Perform special assignments as needed by the Quality Assurance Manager

* Assists with testing of food products to ensure compliance with standards and regulations

* Change out circle charts

* Conducts inventory checks (ATP swabs, charts, forms, etc.)

* Verify volumes, torques & bottle weights are within product specification

* Complete and enter into database all pallet tags and CCP forms for production and bottling

* Record cycles and verify that all HPP settings and information is correct

* Perform metal mesh and magnet inspections

* Verify production lot codes, labels, mold number and packaging is within product specification