Driver Manager

JBS USA Oakwood, GA
Night Shift Driver Manager - Full Time 4:00pm to 1:00am M-F

The main focus of the position is to work with our driving employees to achieve the best possible utilization while maintaining a positive relationship with our drivers.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Other duties may be assigned.

* Review entire fleet throughout the day to ensure the drivers are on time and within their hours of service.

* Review entire fleet to ensure the drivers projected time of availability is correct to ensure that the truck is loaded with the proper load based on the projected time.

* Notify the regional load planner of any changes to delivery time or projected time of availability.

* Notify Customer Service person of any conflicts in appointments, Customer Service must be notified if an appointment change is required. The regional load planner must be notified if any load is running behind.

* Monitor hours, schedule time off and vacation according to company policy, Track driver home time requests to ensure our driver are positioned correctly to get home. Monitor vacation requests to ensure that you have no more than two drivers off on the same week for your fleet.

* Monitor all loaded, pick up, drop off, and empty calls to ensure accurate information is entered into the computer. Stress the importance with the driver of accurate information being entered into the Qualcomm. If necessary, coach the driver on the use of the Qualcomm.

* Coordinate with shop to ensure all preventive maintenance is done at the scheduled times in a terminal facility.

* Review routing with the driver to ensure the driver is on the proper route.

* Monitor your drivers' moral; discuss attitude problems openly before little problems become big problems.

* Coach your drivers on the importance of reducing idling when possible.

* Inspect trucks on your fleet at random: make sure the equipment is kept clean so the company is being properly represented.

* Strive to maintain a minimum of 2200 miles per week per unit.

* Assist drivers during vehicle breakdowns.

* Strive to treat each driver as an individual and not a number. Get to know the driver wants, needs, and expectations which will correlate to a low driver turn over.

* Track all driver service related issues, identify trends, and address.

* Maintain driver files to track performance, claims, and accident/ incident issues

* Assist drivers in obtaining answers to payroll questions.

* Respond professionally in assisting the driver with any questions or problems the driver may have.

* Stress the importance of Qualcomm communication versus phone communication.

* Attend regular scheduled dispatch meetings, cover for other truck managers when needed.

* Other duties as assigned.


* Must have working knowledge and understanding of computers.

* Must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills both verbal and written.

* Needs to understand FMCSA Hours of Service and logging.

* Must have good time management skills.

* Must have good working relationship with drivers, be a team player, dependable, reliable.

* Must have experience in the transportation industry.

* TMW knowledge is beneficial.

* Working knowledge of Qualcomm is also beneficial.

We are an equal Opportunity Employer

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