Journalist / Reporter (Asia)
The Block
 South Riding, VA

What we need

Working at The Block will be one of the most enjoyable, fulfilling, and challenging experiences you’ll have in your career. We are on the frontier of one of the most thrilling ecosystems in technology and money: cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The Block is seeking a full-time reporter who is expert in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the people working to make them succeed. You’ll be one of the first employees of a startup dedicated to becoming one of the premier media destinations covering emerging technologies impacting investing, commerce, real estate and much more.

Successful candidates will likely have:

  • Prior writing and reporting experience
  • An ability to juggle multiple stories and deadlines
  • A track record of interviewing and interacting with primary sources
  • Sources in Asia working in blockchain and / or cryptocurrency
  • More story ideas than you can possibly write
  • Passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain, with a dash of skepticism where warranted
  • Social-media savvy
  • Fluency in one or more Asian languages (Mandarin, Korean, Japanese in particular)
  • English-language writing experience

Please include links to at least three (3) things you’ve written on relevant topics in the “Additional Information“ section of your application.

Working at The Block

The Block operates at high speed and significant rates of change. You’ll have a chance to help shape the company through your work -- and you’re joining us at the beginning. Our needs will grow and change over time as will opportunities to work with us. If you’re not a perfect fit for our job listings, contact us and explain why you want to join The Block.

The Block provide comprehensive benefits to employees, including health insurance and equity; is an equal-opportunity employer; seeks applicants from all backgrounds; and does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, race, disability, or any other protected status under applicable local, state, and federal laws.