NY (New York)
  • Sees child, family and foster or adoptive family on an intensive basis consistent with childs therapeutic treatment goals, including respite care and crisis intervention services. Diligently works with families and children by providing or arranging for services needed to facilitate and expedite permanency planning. See child and family weekly, in home and community.
  • Performance Child/Youth Care Functions relevant to daily homecare ADL skills.
  • Knows and carries out agency policies and provides and participates in all assigned aspects of child/youth care. Documents nutritional, physical health, mental health, educational, housing, employment, social, clothing and recreational aspects of and changes in child and family life in accord with required time frames.
  • Provides a positive adult role model for children and youth: maintain a relationship conductive to the nurturing and growth needs of children and youths and works with the foster parent to provide a living situation to help meet these needs. Uses knowledge and understanding of diverse cultural norms and traditions and child-rearing practices to enhance the assessment and treatment process.
  • Transports child to therapy, parent/child visits, and appointments as needed.
  • Attends cluster monthly at one of three sites available.
  • Evaluates risk of harm, including investigation of accidents, injuries and allegations of child abuse and neglect, and assists families and children who are subjects of investigation.
  • Facilitate, coordinate and monitoring creative activities and socialization activities. Coordinates recreational activities at least monthly for children on their caseload.
  • Reinforces foster parents training.
  • Assist in scheduling and setting plans for respite and crisis.
  • Intervening in crisis situations.
  • Monitoring ABC Step chars and /or other behavior modification tracking plan.
  • Represents the agency within the community, including public speaking activities. Participates in inter-agency collaboration and neighborhood-based activities to identify and development resources, which benefit children and support families.
  • 24 hour cell coverage; answers and responds to cell phone calls
  • Completes all duties as assigned by Supervisors/Program Director.
  • Counts and monitors medication and medication compliance
  • Represents/assists case planners staff in court appearances.
  • Visits with incarcerated youths.
  • Supervise and oversee birth parent and sibling visits as need.
  • Monitors regular contact with school personnel responsible for getting all school information for the records.
  • Completes daily phone calls to all foster parents
  • Works with child around socialization issues, including accompanying the child to recreational/educational activities.
  • Provides for a group meeting of children at cluster
  • Must have valid NY drivers license; in addition must meet all qualifications for driving as per SCO requirements.
  • Participates in all SBC activities, processes and training.
  • Participates in all treatment team meetings, coming prepared with paperwork filled out
  • Explores respite options, completing all necessary paperwork. Transport to and from respite, unless otherwise determined.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled supervision; maintains contact with supervisor or other administrative staff, informing them of critical incidents and events.
  • SCO Family of Services is an equal employment opportunity employer
  • BA is required
  • Must have valid NY drivers license; in addition must meet all qualifications for driving as per SCO requirements.