Assistant Program Director
 NY (New York)



  • Provides 24-hour on-call
    coverage to program staff via agency cell phone.
  • Supervises Program Coordinators
    in all aspects of their job.
  • Ensures case management
    protocols are in compliance with RHY/safety regulations. Ensures superior
    case management services including ambitious family and/or resource involvement,
    health care, housing, educational, and vocational programs for all
  • Collaborates effectively to
    assure adequate and professional clinical and independent living services.
  • Works with Intake staff to
    maintain a 90% bed utilization rate.
  • Participates in budget
    development, monitoring, and modification.
  • Acts as an on-call
    administrator in the Program Director’s absence.
  • Provides site coverage in the
    absence of a Program Coordinator.
  • Responsible for creation and
    reorganization of the systems utilized at the Inn to keep in compliance
    with State (OCFS) and City (DYCD) regulations.
  • Maintains full staffing and oversees
    the recruitment and selection of all new hires.
  • Is PTS/EMS (DYCD Database) trained and proficient
  • Ensures all full-time staff
    meets the annual training requirements.
  • Works with the Program Director
    to complete timely staff evaluations. Prepares the annual performance
    evaluations for Program Coordinators, and monitors staff evaluations and
    training documentation.
  • Collaborates with Program Coordinators, Case Planners, Director of
    Client Services, and Program Director on incident management, review, and
    submission, including State Central Register and Justice Center reporting.
  • Attends monthly activites such
    as program staff meetings, monthly site inspections, QI meetings, RHY
    advisory meetings, etc..
  • Prepares for and attends all City
    and State inspections.
  • Creates and ensures the
    maintenance of program milieus is safe, caring, and therapeutic.
  • Review, complete and submit all
    statistical monthly reports, and annual reports. Oversee the submission of
    daily census as required by City/State.
  • Conduct program reviews as
    required, and does case readings especially related to the preparation of
    incident reports.
  • Analyze environmental
    surveillance and quality control activities such as facility reviews and
    site visits.
  • Performs regular policy review,
    risk management, and revisions for program specific quality management and
    improvement activities, as advised by agency QI staff.
  • Any other assigned tasks.
  • SCO Family of Services is an equal employment opportunity employer


BSW with related

experience, LMSW preferred. Experience in program supervision.

Experience with computer databases and Word/Excel. Experience with audit

preparation, accreditation/survey activities. Familiarity with RHY City

and State regulations and standards is preferable.


Develop and maintain community and service linkages.

Be a team player.

  • Have a strong sensitivity to cultural differences present among staff and clients within our organization.
  • Possess a strong belief in people’s ability to grow and change; forge a mutually respectful partnership with persons served and their families.
  • Ability to set limits and maintain helping role of practitioner and to intervene appropriately.


Driver’s license preferred.