DW - Electrician - Dwpelec00

Boyd Gaming, Inc. Northwood, IA
Must be at least 21 years of age.

* Prior experience required.

* Must be able to identify all colors and use hand and power tools.

* Must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time throughout


* Must be able to climb ladders, bend, stoop, kneel, and work in confined


* May be exposed to extreme temperatures when working on exterior

equipment or systems.

* Must have excellent communication skills.

* Must be able to obtain/maintain any necessary licenses and/or


Responsible for installation, maintenance, and repairs to wiring and electrical

equipment, systems, and fixtures.

Perform various tasks related to the installation and repair of wiring and

electrical fixtures.

* Install control and distribution apparatus such as switches, relays, and circuitbreaker


* Connect power cables to equipment.

* Rest continuity of circuit to ensure electrical compatibility and safety of


* Repair faulty equipment or systems.

* Follow all safety and OSHA requirements and building codes at all times.