Staff Software Engineer

Looking for a great place to work whereprofessional and personal growth are encouraged and promoted? Looking for aplace where you can have impact either by bring heavily used systems into themodern era or creating new exciting applications for everyone to see. AssurantSpecially Properties is in the middle of a growth cycle for our technology andour clients. We need talented engineers ready to design the architecture of ourfuture. You ready?

Who we are

Four enduring values guide the way we support our customers and work with oneanother: Common Sense, Common Decency, Uncommon Thinking and Uncommon Results.Our employees uphold our common purpose: To help people protect what mattersmost to them.

Assurant Specialty Properties provides values and evaluations for homes andcommercial properties across the country. Banks and investors of all types needto know how much a property is worth before they give a loan, buy a loan, takepossession, or invest. ASP works to provide those values through a network ofbrokers, appraisers and inspectors. Our technology provides a pathway for thisinformation, so everyone involved can make the best decisions with the bestinformation. It's a big task.

We are a community of people empowered to make great things happen every day.If that sounds like total hogwash to you, it's because you've never beenempowered at work. Come try it out. You'll like it.

How do we work

We encourage a team atmosphere guided by Agile principles. We work closely withour business units, project managers, technology architects and qualityassurance specialists to work tickets through a short lifecycle. With releasesabout every two weeks. You'll see your code in production quickly, and getfeedback regularly on how it's doing.

We use Jira, Git, Stash, and Jenkins to automate ticket processes, manage code,enable code review, provide code testing and automate deployment. We arebuilding out our unit and automated tests suites with every iteration, and we'dlove your input on how to make that better, faster and more resilient.

We work on local linux boxes (usually Fedora, but there's no mandate) and spinup the applications on virtual machines for coding and testing. You can pickyour favorite editor, set up you workspaces, and make things work how you want.It's your machine. Have fun.

We use Slack and GoToMeeting to make communication easy while in the office andwhen working from home.


For the front-end we leverage the Ext JS (Sencha) framework and just completeda move to Ext6 for our primary applications. We also use Angular for in houseprojects. There's a lot of new development going on with our front-end code. Weencourage all our developers to jump in and learn about things that interestthem.

Our typical stack includes RHEL, Nginx (although old stuff is Apache),Postgres, and Perl. These aren't your system manager's Perl scripts either. Weare leveraging Modern Perl libraries on Moops, DBIx, and Dancer2 to buildscalable dynamic systems. We have other stuff going on to keep things interestingand are open to modifications as we find a need. Don't do Perl? Don't worry. Ifyou are comfortable with any modern open source OO architecture (Python, PHP,Node, Ruby), you'll do great. We've trained more than one Perl newbie.

We are currently building a Service Oriented Architecture environment thatallows some systems to live on a completely different stack if needed. We'dalso love your experience with REST APIs, XML interfaces and servicesystems.

Oh, you're a database guy: Great our development team owns our own DBs and DBmanagement. We'd love your input on database scaling and leveraging tools forPostgres and managing our legacy Sybase systems.

Where we work

Our office is located in North Richland Hills, Texas, which is a suburb of FortWorth, but within driving distance of about 20 cities and municipalities. Weoffer scheduled remote work for most employees. There are tons of great placesto eat within walking distance of the office. There are also picnic tables andcovered areas outside to eat your pack lunch. There's a library, gyms, storesand even a water park (open during the summer months) nearby.

Assurant has other offices in Miami, Atlanta, Austin, Milwaukee, and elsewhere.We offer the best of both worlds with a small company environment and bigcompany backing. It's a great place to be.

When we work

Core hours are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., so most everyone will be available duringthose hours. Some early birds show up at 7 to beat traffic, while others likethe quiet office after hours. We don't make a big deal about hours. Meetingsand such are scheduled during the core hours, because it just makes thingseasier. Working more than 40 hours rarely ever required, so you shouldn't. Wewant you to like staying at the office, but not so much that you actuallydo.

Vacation is important. Take a vacation. You'll start out with about 3 weeks ofvacation plus some floating holidays (we have 6 fixed holidays too). You cancarry over 120 hours of vacation year to year, but why should you: The benefitspackage includes short-term and long-term disability. Take your vacation.


Speaking of benefits: We have great benefits. Individual, couple and singles health plans. You want a high deductible with an HSA? Or maybe a low deductible with an FSAs. Assurant offers dental and prescription benefits, paid long-term and short-term disability, and employee, spouse and child life insurance. We put money in your HSA for you each year, and will add more when you complete health questionnaires and online programs. We offer a 6% 401K match and 10% discount on Assurant stock purchases.

We also have a bonus program, school reimburse plan and paid training at conferences and the like. You get the point, there's lots of benefits.


So what are you waiting for? If you like working in a challenging, fun environment with a great team of professionals, who treat you like one, come on board.

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