Early Childhood Coordinator

Camp Recovery North Little Rock, AR
Coordinates treatment room referrals for additional clinical services (i.e., nutrition, medical, therapy, and behavioral issues).

Conducts formal Day Habilitation Treatment room observations and provides a written report; informal observations are ongoing with the date documented. Formal Day Habilitation observations will be completed on a quarterly basis using the treatment room Interaction Rating Scale, and will evaluate all areas of the treatment room. This should be completed in one day, and only if the regularly scheduled staff are present in the treatment room. The ECC will be expected to review the results with the staff following the treatment room observation within seven working days. An action plan will be developed to address deficits and signed by the entire treatment room staff. Once the action plan is reviewed and signed by everyone in the treatment room, it will be maintained in a notebook for at least one year.

Assists with day-to-day staffing needs and ensures that appropriate adult-to-child ratios are maintained.

Teaches in Day Habilitation Treatment Room as required by clinic needs (parallel teaching, staffing needs).

Reviews Teacher/Lead Classroom Technician treatment room documentation according to the following schedule:

o Record of Service forms: Teacher's ROS forms should be randomly reviewed at least twice monthly to ensure that they are being completed correctly. Each ROS reviewed should be initialed in the lower right hand corner by the ECC. Lead Classroom Technician's ROS forms should be reviewed and signed daily by the ECC, and filed accordingly.

o Monthly Objective Tracking forms: Reviews weekly and ensures documentation of objective tracking is completed and turned in at the beginning of the each month.

o Lesson Plans: Reviews and ensures documentation of lesson plans for CHMS and/or RSPMI requirements are turned in each Monday morning including the date and each child's name. This is a requirement for billing purposes.

Ensures that the Arkansas Education Benchmark Assessment is administered to all appropriate patients according to assessment schedule.

Credible Classroom Documentation should be reviewed on a weekly basis to ensure that they are being done correctly. The Lead Classroom Technician's Credible Classroom Documents must be approved on a daily basis. Corrections to documents must be made timely and notification should be sent to the Billing Department.

Ensures that an Individual Educational Treatment Plan (IETP) is developed and distributed to treatment room staff.

Ensures safety drills are completed and accurate documentation is kept according to specific drill policies and procedures. Fire and weather drills will be conducted on a monthly basis. Bomb threat, violence prevention, and earthquake (if clinic is located in Northeast Arkansas) drills will be conducted on a quarterly basis.

Maintains recall notices provided by the Arkansas Attorney Generals office in accordance with the Child Product Safety Act and in conjunction with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. The ECC will maintain a notebook containing current and previous recalls up to one year.

Conducts initial 90-Day and Annual Performance Reviews of all day treatment staff (Teachers/Classroom Technicians) and submit to the Clinic Director. The ECC will maintain a notebook containing documentation that tracks performance review dates of each staff member.

Schedules and coordinates Master Treatment Plan (MTP) meetings semi-annually for each appropriate patient. The ECC is responsible for conducting the MTP meeting.

Attends peer review meetings as scheduled.

Attends transition conferences with local cooperatives and schools and provides input regarding the patient's needs to the conference members.

Notifies the local co-op of current patients 90 days prior to their third birthday. Each area co-op has a specific form that should be used for notification. The Admissions Coordinator or designated intake administrator will submit this information on patients who are two years, 9 months or older at the time of intake.

* Maintenance of Mandated Licensure and Certifications

Assists in maintaining Arkansas Child Care Licensure by ensuring that all early intervention requirements are met.

Assists in acquiring and maintaining CHMS/RSPMI/CARF treatment room standards.

Assists in maintaining Arkansas Department of Health requirements.

Assists in maintaining Teacher and Classroom Technician records, including licensures and certifications and documentation of required in-service training (calendar of events, Inservice Roster, Inservice Register).

Meets quarterly with Director of Education to ensure requirements and guidelines are being met.

Represents the program to parents, visitors, and the public in a positive way.

Speaks in a well modulated, pleasant, and caring voice to patients, parents, and personnel.

Completes 15 hours of relevant and approved in-service training per fiscal year.

* Coordination of Early Childhood Orientation and In-services

Oversees or assists Clinic Director/Asst. Clinic Director with scheduling, interviewing, planning for working interviews, and collecting staff input from working interviews.

Conducts Teacher, Lead Classroom Technician, and Classroom Technician job orientation, including the Education training manual within the required time frame.

Schedules monthly in-services and ensures that staff is notified.

* Oversee Day Habilitation Treatment Materials Inventory

Completes Scholastic Book orders and other treatment room orders. Assists Director with determining whether requested items are necessary and/or appropriate and provide written justification for the items. Prepares forms and order items. Submits prepared orders to the Clinic Director for approval, then places order. When items arrive, check the items in and distributes to appropriate location. Submits the packing list/invoice to the Clinic Director.

Develops and monitors list of treatment room supplies which should be consistently maintained in the clinic. Use of these supplies should be monitored and orders should be submitted on a monthly basis to ensure that these supplies remain appropriately stocked. Checks in these orders or assigns other staff member to do so under his/her supervision.

May perform other related and non-related duties as assigned and agreed upon by both parties.


An individual must be proficient in each of the competencies listed below to successfully perform the responsibilities of this position.

Building a Successful Team – using appropriate methods to build a strong team. Setting the direction and structure for team members. Ensuring that team goals are accomplished.

Developing Others – Planning and supporting the development of individuals' skills and abilities so that they can fulfill current or future job/role responsibilities more effectively.

Leads Strategically – Translates strategic imperatives into specific business plans for area considering short and long term goals, needed resources, scope of service and company directions. Communicates the vision to employees and motivates them to work toward goals/objectives.

Time Management-Uses time effectively by planning and prioritizing tasks as well as setting goals in order to accomplish assignments on schedule.

Analyzes and Solves Problems – Approaches problems from an analytical perspective, gathering information from multiple sources performing analyses, and drawing appropriate conclusions. Proactively diagnoses by identifying root causes and choosing optimal solutions.

Embraces Diversity – Leverages the capabilities and perspectives of all individuals, holding self and others accountable for developing and maintaining an environment that enables full participation and development of all backgrounds, cultures, styles, and views.

Communicates with Purpose – Gains support for ideas through effective spoken/written communication. Uses active listening to ensure understanding and is able to recognize important information in written materials. Provides clear instructions in accordance with company guidelines.

Maintains Cooperative Relationships – Treats others with respect and encourages cooperation at all levels of the company. Works to resolve conflicts while ensuring needs are met. Interacts effectively with all Employees, families, patients, referral sources, and all external agencies.

Demonstrates Integrity – Maintains in one's work through implementing, upholding, and enforcing ethical standards and compliance with local, state, and federal laws and company policies.

Promotes Strong Work Ethic – Stays focused and works effectively under stress. Holds self and others accountable for completing tasks accurately and efficiently. Shows enthusiasm towards work and teaches Employees to do the same. Maintains high standards for self and others.

Encourages Customer Focus – Makes Customer service a priority by instructing others to provide excellent service to internal and external customers. Demonstrates how to appropriately interact with customers, even in difficult situations, and how to effectively meet their needs.

Decision Making- Ability to make correct decisions or choose the best course of actions when a decision needs to be made, including doing so in a safe manner, preventing accidents, injuries, and theft.

Attendance - Ability to be punctual to work, including adhering to time limits while on break or lunch. Employee must also follow company policy in respect to sick leave, vacation time off, giving a prompt notice of absence due to an illness, and following company policy and regulatory standards in regards to leaves of absences (i.e. FMLA, Personal Leave, etc).