University cleanroom Engineer

The University of Oklahoma Norman, OK
Under direction of the MREC Director of Operations, the CR Engineer is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the CR facilities, which includes:

CR Facilities Management:

* Coordination and frequent communication with Cleanroom Director

* Coordination with OU Facility Management for custodial services, plumbing, electrical, and outside vendors (e.g., Walden cleaners, Culligan -DI water system, Airgas)

* Cleanroom infrastructure quality control (e.g., particle monitoring and control, DI water, toxic gas safety, nitrogen)

* Perform and log daily and scheduled preventative maintenance on cleanroom support equipment (e.g., pumps oil level/changes, chillers, gas cylinders)

* Proper disposal of hazardous waste (e.g., chlorinated/unchlorinated solvents, acids, photo lithography waste – developer, resist, HMDS)

* Ordering, stocking, documentation, and inventory control of chemicals, gases, and all other consumables including cleanliness and organization of the basement storage cage with approval of Cleanroom Manager

* Coordination with OU SRTC Storeroom staff

* Based on Steering Committee approval, material control (what is allowed and not allowed in the cleanroom) – substrates, chemicals, etc.

* Based on Steering Committee approval, equipment control (how and by whom equipment may be operated)

* Maintain cleanliness, and organization of Basement Model Shop. Consult with Cleanroom Manager for any items that need to be ordered

* Duties as assigned

Training and Compliance:

* General cleanroom safety and new user orientation

* Documentation and compliance with OU Environmental Health & Safety office

* Equipment user training

Technical Responsibilities (in consultation with UC Director):

* Tool repairs and parts acquisition

* Tool acquisitions, installations and modifications / upgrades

Administrative and Budget:

* Non-critical UC point of contact

* Update and monitor UC website

* Assist with promotional materials

* Conduct tours and presentations as directed by Steering Committee

* Coordinate billing for outside users

* Management and scheduling of shared facility resources to ensure optimal utilization

Required Education: Master's Degree or equivalent combination of education/job related experience,AND:

* 36-60 months Electrical Engineering/Physics experience


* Strong initiative to solve problems

* Strong desire to learn new technical skills

* Good communication, teamwork and organizational skills

* Ability & desire to interact with students and faculty


* None

Advertised Physical Requirements:

* Must be able to engage in repetitive motions and communicate effectively.

Departmental Preferences:

* Ph.D. in related field (e.g., electrical engineering, physics)

Supervision: Student Group

Special Instructions:

If you are selected as a final candidate for this position, you will be subject to The University of Oklahoma Norman Campus Tuberculosis Testing policy. To view the policy, visit