Staff Registered Nurse

The University of Oklahoma Norman, OK
OU Physicians, subsidiary of OU Medicine, is Oklahoma's largest physician group and encompasses almost every adult and child specialty.

POSITION INFORMATION: Performs professional nursing duties such as physician assistance, sample collection, information gathering, patient follow-up, data collection, medication administration, collaboration, patient education, emergency response, patient preparation, and sedation. This position is in our multi-disciplinary clinic at the Stephenson Cancer Center.


Physician Assistance. Assists physician during the examination as needed. Ensures that all information is available to the physician.

Sample Collection. Collects samples from patients including blood, urine, etc. Prepares samples for analysis or shipment

Information Gathering. Takes and records various readings such as heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure, weight, body temperature, etc.

Patient Follow Up. Makes follow up patient appointments, or follows up on patient appointments. Answers routine questions from patients, family, etc.

Data Collection. Collects all laboratory reports, data, and records.

Medication Administration. Under direction of physician or other medical personnel, administers medication to patients.

Collaboration. Collaborates with other healthcare professionals to provide efficient quality patient care.

Patient Education. Provides educational information to patients, family, etc.

Emergency Response. Responds to and intervenes in emergency situations such as anaphylaxis, hypoglycemia, hypotension, hemorrhage, respiratory distress, etc.

Personnel Supervision. Directs and evaluates the work of some personnel that may include Clinic Clerks, Medical Assistants, and other Nurses. Acts as a lead employee when work performed requires little or no direct supervision.

Patient Preparation. Prepares patient for examination by having charts ready, etc.

Sedation. Assists with conscious sedation of patients.

As Needed. Performs various duties as needed to successfully fulfill the function of the position.


Education: Completion of an accredited Nurse Training Program

Certifications/ Licenses: State of Oklahoma Registered Nurse Certification, BLS, and CPR certification

Preferred: Chemotherapy experience a plus, but not required

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