Research Program Coordinator
The University of Oklahoma
 Norman, OK

POSITION INFORMATION: Coordinates and administers multiple clinical research, medical management, subject recruitment, budget preparation, data analysis, IRB Coordination, counseling and education, and protocol supervision.


  • Project Coordination: Coordinates the activities between clinical research projects for the Department and between those projects and the investigators and the sponsors.
  • Clinical Research. Works with academic and clinical staff to develop clinical research, testing and training materials.
  • Medical Management. Assists clinical investigators in planning, organizing an delivering medical management of study participants. Performs medical record reviews, establishes preliminary diagnosis and arranges for required laboratory and non-invasive x-rays tests.
  • Subject Recruitment. Recruits subjects for clinical research projects. Review medical histories and contacts potential subjects to determine eligibility. Enrolls subjects meeting criteria of the project.
  • Budget Preparation. Prepares and manages the budget for clinical research projects sponsored by outside funding sources. Prepares budget for internally funded projects and aids in determining project feasibility.
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis. Participates in data collection, data entry into relevant databases, and analysis of collected data. Organizes documents required for study management and record maintenance.
  • IRB Coordination. Works with Institutional Review Board to develop protocols and consent forms for research projects including human subjects. Ensures projects are in compliance with University regulations.
  • Counseling and Education. Provides counseling and education to the subject and family concerning the research project, and the management or prevention of health disorders.
  • Protocol Supervision. Oversees clinical staff that may include nurses, physicians assistants, researchers, technical positions, etc. in performance of related tasks. Assists Department in the selection, and training of new employees. Trains support personnel in the new techniques, requirements, and procedures necessary for research protocols, protecting subject safety, and ensuing the integrity of data.
  • As Needed. Performs various duties as needed to successfully fulfill the functions of the position.

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Health Professions field

Experience: 24 months experience in healthcare or clinical trial management.


  • Masters of Public Health or equivalent
  • Knowledge of project management