Case Manager

The University of Oklahoma Norman, OK
POSITION INFORMATION: Responsible for the case management process including admission, assessment/reassessment, service planning, monitoring and discharge of consumers.


1. Consumer Admission. Monitors the admission and discharge of consumers into the program.

2. Assessment. Performs the initial assessment and reassessment of consumers.

3. Service Planning. Reviews the comprehensive assessment to identify the consumer's needs. Implements and submits a comprehensive written service plan that establishes service goals for each consumer. Modifies plan as needed.

4. Service Monitoring. Monitors the delivery of services and evaluates consumer outcomes per established policy.

5. Consumer Orientation. Orients and educates consumers.

6. Documentation. Maintains records documenting activity and performance of delivery services.

7. Liaison. Serves as the liaison between the program and other agencies.

8. Site Coordination. Coordinates the opening of additional practice sites.

9. Quality Improvement. Performs quality improvement audits.

10. Report Preparation. Prepares various written reports.

Required Education:

* Bachelor's Degree in Social Work


* 12 months experience in home and community-based services, case management, or a related healthcare setting

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