NEXCOM Enterprise
 Norfolk, VA

Job Summary: Performs a full range of carpentry tasks involving the alteration repair maintenance or modification of a variety of Exchange buildings construction of structures such as snack bars and items such as closets benches tables etc.

Duties and Responsibilities: Receives assignments from a designated supervisor orally or in the form of work orders which may be accompanied by drawing blueprints or hand drawn sketches. Accomplishes assignments with a minimum of supervisory guidance applying accepted trade techniques practices and work procedures. Assignments are subject to check during progress upon completion for adherence to acceptable standards for workmanship and compliance with instructions. Plans and lays out work in accordance with drawings sketches blueprints and own knowledge of construction or needed repairs. Selects lumber materials and supplies. Measures and cuts material to the required lengths and dimensions. Installs rafters studs sills plates braces joints floors subfloors panels siding sheathing roofing building paper insulating materials door and window frames and interior and exterior trim. Installs structural and trim items by nailing bolting morticing doweling and gluing. Planes sands and finishes completed work when necessary. Installs sheet roll and shingle roofing insuring proper alignment and overlap. Fabricates and installs frames for windows doors transoms and ventilators shelves counters plywood duct work bulletin boards cabinets bookcases and related features having builtin characterisitcs. Insures that installed components are level and accurately aligned with other parts of the structure. Installs floors and window sashes. Trims drills holes and prepares items for attachment of hardware. Applies caulking compound or other filler materials around door and window casings and at other points where tight seal is required. Uses a variety of hand and power shop tools in the accomplishment of assignments. Performs other related duties as assigned. PHYSICAL EFFORT Is required to stand stoop and bend when working at benches and in stretched cramped or awkward positions when working on scaffolds or ladders. May lift and carry items that weigh about 50 pounds. WORKING CONDITIONS Work is performed both inside and outside. Inside work is usually in buildings adequately heated lighted and ventilated. Noise from hammers saws and other power tools is frequent. There is dust and sometimes dirt when repairing structures and operating power tools. Injuries may occur in lifting heavy pieces of lumber or equipment cuts and bruises in using hand tools and equipment more serious injuries in operating power tools and in falls from ladder and scaffolds

GENERAL EXPERIENCE One year of experience that provided the knowledge and ability to perform basic carpentry work such as measuring and cutting materials to the required lengths and dimensions nailing bolting doweling gluing Planning sanding trimming drilling and finishing materials using a variety of tools to accomplish carpentry work.

SUBSTITUTION OF EDUCATION FOR EXPERIENCE One year of high school education may be substituted for 3 months of general experience up to a High School Diploma or GED for one year of general experience.

SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE Five years of experience performing carpentry work modification and repair carpentry work following work orders sketches or blueprints repair and installation of structural items such as rafters door and window frames indoor and outdoor trim maintenance or modification of buildings construction of structures such as retail and service customer selling areas including items such as closets benches tables etc. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS Standing stooping bending kneeling climbing when working at benches and in stretched cramped or awkward positions when working on scaffolds or ladders. May lift and carry items that weigh about 50 pounds.