Entry Level Applied Technology Technician

 Niskayuna, NY

The Naval Nuclear Laboratory is seeking an Applied Technology Technician, specifically assigned as a Radiological Controls Technician (RCT) to join our Radiological, Environmental and Safety team!

RCTs are responsible to ensure the safe conduct of work at the Laboratory where sources of radioactivity or radioactive material are involved. A RCT is specifically responsible for the performance of radiological surveys in support of Laboratory operations, overview of radiological work evolutions, and emergency response. A RCT upholds the radiological standards during the performance of work, use resources efficiently in a teaming environment, and work independently when required using effective decision making skills.

RCT candidates are provided a substantial and demanding qualification program to develop a high level of knowledge and skills prior to performing the responsibilities of a RCTin the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program (NNPP). For initial qualification, the candidate will be required to successfully completea 22 week Radiological Controls Technician Qualification School (RCTQS) course in Norfolk, Virginia if not previously completed. All training and associated travel costs are funded by FMP to provide RCT candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful. Initial qualification and future periodic requalification involve demonstration of practical abilities, written and oral examinations, and emergency radiological response drills. Previous equivalent experience that the successful candidate possesses will be evaluated regarding the qualification requirements for the position.Candidate must be capable of passing a mathematical and science diagnostic examination prior to attendance at RCTQS that demonstrates the ability to solve algebraic equationsincluding the use of logarithmic functions and scientific notation.Once qualified, the candidate will support and participate in a continuingtraining program to maintain their level of knowledge and skills.