Resident Service Coordinator (Newburyport) #544

Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley Newburyport, MA
Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley, Inc.

Position: Resident Services Coordinator (Winn Properties- Newburyport)

Supervisor: Chief Strategy Office / HLCE Director

Position Responsibilities:

The Resident Services Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of services and supports and implementation of the Enhanced Support Services Program (ESSP) to residents, as well as work collaboratively with Property Management. The ESSP provides a safe environment that empowers residents towards housing stability, quality health and community engagement. The GSSM is responsible for identifying and accessing resources beneficial to residents in achieving this empowerment as set forth below and in acting as broker on the resident's behalf.

Essential Functions: (Core duties or tasks that are fundamental and not marginal to the performance of the job)

* Coordinate services with the property Wellness Center Registered Nurse (another ESMV employee), being guided and supported by leadership at ESMV (Chief Strategy officer and Director of Nursing and Community Health Programs) along with close oversight by Winn' Vice President of Resident Services.

* Coordinate the delivery of ESMV services to eligible residents, with such services including but not limited to:

* Behavioral Health Services

* Care Transition Services

* Family Caregiver Support

* Financial Resource Services

* Healthy Living Programs

* Senior Home Care

* Long term care ombudsman

* Managed Care Options

* Nutrition Services

* Protective Services

* Shine Program

* Coordinate community engagement activities, including but not limited to:

* Weekly coffee hour/tea time

* Morning exercise program

* Weekly programs:

* computer lab training

* nutritional cooking classes

* arts and crafts

* personal hygiene (manicure/hair salon)

* memory exercises and games

* Seasonal/holiday celebrations

* Monthly birthday celebrations

* Intergenerational programs with local school groups

* Summer cookout

* Resident gardening program complete with an abundance of seasonal vegetables and flowers, a gardening shed and pleasant paths

* Digital literacy and technology training

* Physical fitness activities

* Resident Service Coordinator will meet weekly with Property management to discuss resident issues, upcoming events, status of work orders, move-ins & move-outs, and transfers.

* Action items and decisions from these meetings will be documented in writing, in the form of meeting minutes taken by the Resident Service Coordinator. Minutes should be distributed within 48 hours of the meeting taking place.

* The expectation is that both parties acknowledge receipt of requests within 24 hours and to work towards a resolution of inquiry or an update of inquiry's status within 48 hours.

* Collaborate with residents in the planning and facilitation of programs and activities and many of these activities will be 'driven' by residents themselves, with Enhanced Supportive Services Program staff assisting as needed.

* Coordinate an annual Heritage House Resident Questionnaire. With the goal of gaining feedback from residents about individual needs, interests, community strengths and challenges and program effectiveness. Information from the Heritage House Resident Questionnaire will be used to respond to residents' suggestions to reshape partnerships, increase resident engagement, and track the impact of our core programs for the community.

* Inform and refer residents to publicly funded programs (GAFC, ECOP and Home Care, food stamps, Veterans benefits, etc.) and assist residents with securing benefits as appropriate.

* Identify gaps in services to residents. Develop, implement and offer a range of services and programs to residents with the goals of establishing and maintaining cost effectiveness and affordable services, and addressing unmet needs.

* Work closely with community organizations and social service providers to provide programs, support and services to allow residents to age in place.

* Provide accurate and timely documentation to meet all contractual and administrative standards as required by Winn Properties.

* Provide outreach, advocacy, and crisis intervention to residents accordingly.

* Other related duties as assigned.


BA/BS Degree preferred; LSW and knowledge of housing/social services with elders or adults with disabilities strongly preferred. Knowledge of Housing/Disability laws and regulations helpful. Solid written, verbal, interpersonal and team skills.

Hours: 37.5


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