CWI-Certified Welding Inspector
C and L Inspection
 Newberry Springs, CA
C & L Inspection was built on a mission to be the most trusted US Services Company delivering top-notch performance with uncompromising integrity. This way of thinking has set us above the competition. We are looking for knowledgeable, safety minded people to join our team as we grow.

We are currently looking for a Certified Welding Inspector that meets the following qualifications and requirements.

Education and Experience: · A Bachelor of Science degree in engineering or technology and one-year experience in natural gas / petroleum pipeline construction and/or inspection performed in accordance with applicable federal and industry codes and standards. Completed Company Welding Inspection training and CWI Cert as required by level
A high school diploma or equivalent plus at least 3 years of practical welding experience (or equivalent*), five years of experience in natural gas / petroleum pipeline construction and/or inspection performed in accordance with applicable federal and industry codes and standards and completed Company internal CWI training. *competent level II radiographic hands, Pipeline Foremen, Fitters, etc.

The Welding Inspector must assure proper welding procedures are qualified and utilized, radiographers are certified, welders are qualified, sound welds are produced, and proper documentation is maintained. These activities must be performed in accordance with the appropriate Company specifications and the approved for construction drawings.

The Welding Inspector works under the direction of the Chief Inspector who will assign additional responsibilities to each inspector as needed. The responsibilities assigned to the Welding Inspector will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Be familiar with the approved construction drawings and Company specifications.
  • Understanding the Contract document as it relates to his or her duties on the project.
  • Have a basic understanding of welding techniques, welding positions, welding consumables, weld preparation and welding drawing requirements Maintaining a detailed inspector’s log book.
  • Completing and submitting applicable inspection reports that accurately describe the work performed on the project. in a manner such that the welds inspected may subsequently be identified per current standards.
  • Taking proactive approach to safety on the job site and reporting safety issues to the Construction Manager, Chief Inspector and Safety Inspector. · Plan and organize inspection duties in advance.
  • Assure any design changes or material substitutions are discussed with the Construction Manager, Chief Inspection and proper Company approval is obtained.
  • Verify all materials used in the installation are in compliance with Company requirements.
  • Keep the Chief Inspector aware of any daily problems or anticipated problems with the project.
  • Possess an understanding of the relationship between quality assurance, quality control and inspection procedures
  • Assure a welding procedure is established and each welder is qualified for the work he is performing.
  • Monitor the quality of the welds being made to assure sound welds are being made at all joints.
  • Assure the repairs made to correct defects in a pipe weld sufficiently corrected the defect and the weld satisfies the requirements as outlined by the appropriate codes and Company specifications.
  • Assure all welding materials are of proper type and quality, they have been stored according to manufacturers’ specifications, and damaged materials are not used in the welding of the pipe.
  • Monitor the quality of the radiographic film to assure that radiographs are being made which can be interpreted properly.
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