Chief Inspector
C and L Inspection
 Newberry Springs, CA
C & L Inspection was built on a mission to be the most trusted US Services Company delivering top-notch performance with uncompromising integrity. This way of thinking has set us above the competition. We are looking for knowledgeable, safety minded people to join our team as we grow.

We are currently looking for a Chief Inspector that meets the following qualifications and requirements.

Education and Experience:
· High School Diploma
· Eight (8) years field experience in construction and regulations in the natural gas industry with expertise in areas such as electrical, structural, mechanical, non-destructive testing, welding, instrumentation, redline drawings and 3 to 5 years directing and managing the work of others. CWI Certificate

The purpose of the Chief Inspector is to inspect the construction project and ensure the contractor performs in a workmanlike manner in accordance with the Company specifications.

  • The Chief Inspector ensures the project proceeds in accordance with the Contract
  • Document requirements and Construction Drawings and all necessary forms are completed and transmitted to the Area Construction Office.
  • The Chief Inspector works under the direction of the Senior Construction
  • Manager/Project Manager.
  • The Chief Inspector delegates responsibility and accountability to tasks to the personnel executing those tasks and accepts responsibility for quality of all tasks executed on the project under the span of control for the Chief Inspector.
  • The Chief Inspector will encourage a “Safety First” culture for the company’s employees and contractors. The Chief Inspector will motivate personnel to complete projects while meeting the highest quality and safety standards.
  • The Chief Inspector takes a leadership role in building effective teams, motivating team members, manages conflict effectively, respects individual team members, and effectively conveys this message to team members.

Inspection Areas

  • The Chief Inspector is responsible for coordinating the activities of and assigning responsibilities to the Inspectors on the project to ensure all of the inspection functions are performed. Some combination of the following Inspectors will be assigned to the
  • project.
  • The Chief Inspector is responsible for explaining to each individual inspector their primary purpose, the information they require, reports they must submit, and the expectations of the Inspectors. The various operations may be divided up to a greater extent depending on the size of the project.
  • The Inspectors that may be assigned to the Chief Inspector are as follows:
  • Craft/Utility Inspector
  • Welding Inspector
  • Test Engineer
  • Coating Inspector

Responsibilities Prior to Construction The Chief Inspector is responsible for the following activities prior to the beginning of the project:

  • Be familiar thoroughly with the scope of work, the project requirements, the Construction Drawings and the Contract Documents.
  • Ensure that all Company Standards are available for reference and are communicated with specific subject matter inspectors.
  • Interview the welding and craft inspectors, issue reference manuals, explain required conduct, expectations, duties, Company policies, and the forms involved with the project. Review the project scope with the inspectors and determine which inspectors are qualified for the various phases of construction.
  • Review the certifications of the contractor’s hydrostatic test and welder testing instruments and equipment.
  • Make arrangements with the Area Construction Office for the pre-job meeting. Establish welding procedures to be required for the project

Responsibilities During Construction The Chief Inspector is responsible for the following activities during the construction of the project:

  • Advanced planning and organization of inspection duties related to materials, construction activities, and tie-in activities.
  • Daily meeting must be held with the inspectors, Construction Manager and the contractor’s Superintendent to discuss construction problems, revisions, progress and proposed activities.
  • Inspect the activities of the Contractor and assure all work is completed in accordance with the Construction Drawings and the Contract Documents.
  • Assure all proposed design changes or material substitutions are discussed with the Construction Manager/ Project Manager and that proper approval is obtained prior to proceeding with work.
  • Assure each welder is qualified for the work he is performing, a sound weld is established at each joint, and the correct qualified welding procedure is being used. · Assure the proper documentation of the disposition of each rejected weld and repair of same.
  • Complete, sign, and submit the various forms the Company may require to the Construction Manager/Project Manager, receive forms from other inspectors, and review and submit forms to the Senior Construction Manager/Project Manager.
  • Ensure surplus tested pipe is properly marked and identified and test records are provided to the Construction Manager/Project Manager.
  • Ensure the “Redline” as-built & weld map required data is captured on a daily basis as well as civil and electrical as-builts.
  • Maintain a project file to be submitted to the S Construction Manager / Project Manager at the end of the project. The project file consists of daily reports submitted by Inspectors with original signature of the inspector, copy of the daily reports, DOT records any other report required by the Company, Drawings, Inspectors Reference manual, and other appropriate notes for the job.
  • Responsible for ensuring adherence to Company Standards, sound engineering principles and or industry practices. Elevate issues as needed to the appropriate Company representative until satisfied with the outcome.

The Chief Inspector is responsible for the following additional activities on Anomaly/Retest projects:

  • Determine the availability of pipe and test materials, determine location to ship removal pipe, and review the available pipe quantities and the pipe remaining to be tested on a daily basis.
  • Ensure test materials are returned to the Test Material Yard in the proper condition and the material yard is cleaned up before the contractor moves out.
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