Line Mechanic B-A

American Electic Power Newark, OH
Job Description

Position Summary:

Perform all types of work involved with the installation, rearrangement, maintenance, operation, removal and inspection of electrical transmission and distribution facilities. The Line Mechanic B builds upon the skills, abilities and knowledge learned as a Line Mechanic C (or equivalent).

Principal Accountabilities:

Note: Employee may perform miscellaneous, related, and incidental work in addition to that specifically outlined below.

Assemble, install, maintain, remove and inspect conductors, fixtures and other associated equipment on overhead and underground facilities.

During the first twelve months in this classification assist with work on energized lines and equipment. During this time frame, the employee should progress from direct supervision to immediate supervision as skill level dictates. Also, shall be capable of replacing fuses and operate switching and sectionalizing devices energized at any voltage when working under general supervision.

After twelve months in this classification, while performing work on energized lines and equipment, should progress from immediate supervision to general supervision as skill level dictates.

Install and operate cutouts, line switches, reclosers and other sectionalizing devices; re-fuse line and transformer devices; test de-energized line or equipment, and place or remove grounds.

Install, maintain and switch residential and commercial underground distribution facilities.

Locate and correct trouble using cable-locating and fault finding tools and equipment.

Install and maintain multiple street light circuits.

Install three-phase transformer banks on poles, aerial or ground-mounted platforms.

Install three-phase regulator banks and energize or remove them from service.

Install, maintain, operate and remove capacitor banks from service.

Connect, phase out, parallel and adjust voltage on single and three-phase transformer installations.

Locate and correct faults and hazardous conditions on lines and/or equipment.

Prepare, conduct and facilitate safety meetings.

Direct the work of employees assigned to assist.