Certified Nurse Midwife

Licking Memorial Health Systems Newark, OH
* Certified Midwife


Position Summary

In collaboration with one or more physicians, the Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) provides for the management of preventive services and those primary care services necessary to provide health care to women antepartally, intrapartally, postpartally, and gynecologically,. The CNM practices within a health care system that provides for consultation, collaborative management or referral as indicated by health status of client.


* Provides assessment of well woman; health promotion; family planning; perimenopausal care; orders/obtains/interprets laboratory tests and procedures; develops management plan; assesses and manages deviations from normal including consultation, co-management or referrals, as indicated.

* Provides appropriate antepartum care including diagnosis of pregnancy; collection of historical data; calculation of current gestational age and estimated date of birth; orders/obtains/interprets baseline laboratory tests; management of pregn

* ancy; patient and family education to prepare for childbirth; assessment and management of deviations from normal pregnancy including consultation, co-management or referrals, as indicated.

* Provides appropriate intrapartum care including assessment for admission to labor; fetal monitoring; labor support and management; monitoring-co-management of woman receiving pharmacologic therapy during labor, management of perineum; assessment and management of deviations from normal labor and delivery including consultation, co-management or referrals, as indicated.

* Provides appropriate postpartum care including assessment and management of the normal postpartum period; six-week postpartum examination; orders/obtains/interprets laboratory tests; assessment and management of deviations from normal including consultation, co-management or referrals, as indicated.

* Authenticates findings, reports and plans in the medical record appropriate detail.

* Provides patient education opportunities for individual and/or family utilizing additional resources when necessary.

* Facilitates patient participation in health care by providing information needed to make decisions and choices about promotion, maintenance and restoration of health and appropriate utilization of health care resources.

* Participates as an interdisciplinary team member to provide coordinated care within the Physician Center and with other health care providers and agencies.

* Contributes to the health education of individuals and groups through outreach programs.

* Evaluates effectiveness and efficiency of care and participates in quality improvement activities as a team member to improve the value of care provided.

* Understands and provides leadership in the quality and utilization management processes.

* Pursues professional growth through participation in continuing education programs, reading professional literature, and sharing experiences with colleagues.

* Responsible for ensuring the personal performance reflects the Mission, Vision, Standards of Behavior and the Service Goals.


* Graduate of accredited School of Nursing program maintains current licensure in State of Ohio.

* Functions within the scope of practice of nursing certified nurse midwives as defined by the Advanced Nurse Practice Act.

* Has satisfactorily completed an approved program for the specific specialty generally found in a masters-prepared nursing curriculum.

* Certified as a nurse midwife by a nationally recognized certifying organization

* Demonstrates clinical skill, knowledge and judgements necessary to provide specialty specific care within the scope of practice of the certified nurse midwife as defined by the Advanced Nurse Practice Act.

* Demonstrates ability to provide care for patient population as defined by specific specialty in collaboration with practice physician.

* Demonstrates high-level communication skills enabling effective relationships with patients, families and health care personnel of various disciplines.

* Demonstrates ability to maintain professional flexibility and adaptability in a collegial environment

* Demonstrates insight into improving the health of patient populations

* Maintains clinical excellence through continuing education.

* Efficiently participates in case of emergency (code blue, fire, weather, disaster)

* Maintains BCLS and NRP

* Demonstrates ability to efficiently use all office and hospital computer systems applicable to specialty.

Licking Memorial Health Systems is an equal opportunity employer and maintains compliance with all state, federal, and local regulations. Licking Memorial Health Systems does not discriminate against applicants because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, national origin, veteran status, pregnancy, disability, marital status, or other characteristics protected by law.