Stock Room Manager

Brookstone Newark, NJ

Stock Room ManagerThis person is responsible for the receiving and processing of all merchandise, sales floor replenishment and maintaining a clean well-organized stock room that meets and/or exceeds model store standards.Requirements:Leader, Organized, Strong Work Ethic, Self-starter, Initiative, Ability to lift and move heavy boxes.Responsibilities: 1.Receive daily shipments and process within the same day.2.All shipments are scanned and uploaded the same day they are received.3.Replenishing the sales floor based on sell-through and in partnership with the Management Team.4.Notify Management Team of all new products to ensure they quickly get placed on the sales floor as per P-O-G.5.Make bin labels utilizing the Active Assortment list and for new products as they arrive.6.Maintain cleanliness and organization on a daily basis in the stockroom.7.Keep all RTM/Destroy products separated and organized. Complete RTM transfers weekly.8.Maintain all bin and bulk areas in the stockroom; do appropriate bin shifts as directed by Management.9.Process all customer shipments and inter-store transfers to ensure all outgoing shipments are processed within 24 hours.10.Initial the Remote Storage and Seal Logs. In addition, the MOD must approve and sign the Remote and Seal Logs at the end of each day.