Specialty Finance Associate

Fortress Investment New York, NY
Fortress is seeking an Associate to support the Specialty Finance Lending "Rediscount" desk within the Credit Funds business. The Rediscount team focuses on lending to specialty finance companies and the acquistion of consumer and small business assets. The team generally concentrates on non-mortgage consumer and small business lenders that don't qualify for financing from commercial banks. The investment model emphasizes deep industry and asset class specific research as a backdrop to formulating opinions on attractive transactions and deal structures. The Rediscount team also emphasizes analysis of historical asset performance data and other proxy data, modeling of stress scenarios on projected future asset performance and building a legal structure that mitigates performance and market risk.

The Specialty Finance Associate will:

* Identify and research investment opportunities while assisting in maintaining portfolio investments

* Perform credit analysis, asset performance analysis and other data analytics, including pricing and comprehensive asset valuations

* Develop complex asset based financial models and develop and maintain group asset databases.

* Perform comparative company and asset performance analysis to determine structure and project investment returns

* Conduct detailed client and asset diligence

* Prepare internal information and investment memoranda

* Assist in the review of transaction-related documentation

The ideal candidate will have:

* A bachelor's degree in finance, economics, mathematics or a related field, and at least two years of related experience in asset based credit analysis

* A background in investment banking, securitization banking, asset backed finance, asset backed securities portfolio management or asset based lending

* Familiarity with securitization structures and the ability to analyze a specialty finance company and its assets

* Excellent financial modeling and Excel skills

* Strong written and oral communication skills

* A basic understanding of accounting, including capital structures and balance sheets

* An interest in working in the New York

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